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Three Stone Rings

To put truly attention-grabbing sparkle on your loved one's finger, buy her one of the beautiful three stone rings sold by Dara's Diamonds. Our massive selection of three stone rings includes more than 1,200 options in a wide variety of styles. We have classic basket three-stone rings featuring three diamonds in a prong setting that allows maximum light exposure to show off your diamond's brilliance. If that's not your taste, consider our selection of three-stone rings featuring two small side diamonds separated by a larger diamond in the middle. This style is absolutely stunning at any angle. In addition to our basket and side diamond three-stone rings, we have a number of other styles as well, every one as sparkling and beautiful as the last. Each one of our three-stone rings is set in a luxurious band in your choice of several materials: 14k white or yellow gold, 18k white or yellow gold, and platinum. These three stone rings come in elegant jewelry boxes that provide a place for safekeeping. When you present your true love with one of our beautiful three stone rings, she'll thank you now and forever.

No matter what your budget is, you'll be able to find an elegant engagement ring that's right for you. Our three stone rings range in weight starting at .50 carats and up to 4.00 carats, thus serving a wide spectrum of price points to make high quality diamonds affordable for anyone. Each one of our three stone rings comes at a discount price because we work directly with overseas diamond suppliers, miners, and cutters rather than sourcing our diamonds through expensive importers and distributors. We take great care to make sure that our suppliers fully comply with United Nations regulations, so you can be assured that all three stone rings by Dara's Diamonds are completely conflict-free.

We also back our diamonds up with stringent quality assurance. Each one of our three-stone rings comes with an appraisal certificate giving you all the details about the value of your diamonds. As you select your ring, you can consult our diamond guide for specific explanations of the cut, color, and clarity ratings for each one of our three stone rings. We offer a lifetime upgrade policy allowing you to upgrade to a more expensive ring at a later date any time in the future. You Dara's Diamonds engagement ring is also backed by our lifetime warranty and lifetime care and maintenance plan. We're confident in the long lasting quality of our three stone rings, but as long as you have the ring, you can send it to us once a year for cleaning and maintenance at no charge.

Three stone rings by Dara's Diamonds truly make a statement about the love and commitment in your relationship. There's no better way to celebrate undying love than with a ring that you'll be proud to pass on generation to generation. Shop our three stone rings today for a gift that she can't wait to say "yes" to.