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Engagement Rings

Few pieces of jewelry carry the symbolic weight of a beautiful diamond ring. Diamond rings symbolize a commitment to undying love, so it's important that they have the beauty and quality to last just as long as that love. A truly remarkable diamond ring will be passed down through the generations of your family even after you have passed on. At Dara's Diamonds, we know just how important your choice of diamond ring is, so we carry a large selection of breathtaking diamond rings that bring you quality and style, as well as a price tag that you can afford.

Our full selection of diamond rings includes more than 2,000 choices, in both solitaire and three-stone styles. If you choose a solitaire, you'll have a wide selection of diamond sizes and qualities to meet every budget. Our solitaire diamond rings are available in princess, pear, marquise, and round cuts. Whichever you choose, it's sure to be a sparkling stunner. If you prefer a three-stone design, you'll have even more options. Our more than 1,200 three-stone rings come in classic basket styles, styles with two side diamonds, and a variety of other three-stone designs, each as beautiful and timeless as the last.

No matter which one of our diamond rings you choose, your purchase is backed by the Dara's Diamonds quality guarantee. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we take many steps to ensure that you receive the best product possible. Each of our diamonds is rigorously inspected to ensure authenticity, cut, clarity, color, and carat. In addition, we make sure to use only conflict-free diamonds through sources that comply fully with United Nations regulations. Our diamonds come directly through overseas mine owners, diamond cutters, and suppliers. Eliminating distributors and importers with our processes helps us bring you high quality diamonds at affordable prices. Your Dara's Diamonds purchase includes a third-party appraisal certificate to ensure your confidence in the value of your diamond ring purchase.

Our diamond rings are set into bands made of solid 14k white or yellow gold, solid 18k white or yellow gold, or platinum. We do not use any gold plating on our products. Dara's Diamonds provides a lifetime warranty on each one of our diamond rings, and we will provide free maintenance and cleaning once a year for as long as you have the ring.

If you need help understanding the various aspect and quality ratings for diamonds in order to choose the right option within our many diamond rings, we are happy to help. Our diamond guide provides an introduction to everything you need to know in order to make an informed diamond purchase, including a guide to cuts, carat measurements, and an explanation of clarity and color ratings. If you need additional guidance, you can call one of our gemologists.

With our wide selection of affordable diamond rings, Dara's Diamonds ensures that every couple can have the brilliant token of endless love that they deserve. Shop Dara's Diamonds today for a ring that will match your lifetime pledge of commitment.