Help Me Find My Ring Size

Dara's Diamonds makes it simple to find the right ring size, but just in case you don't get the right size the first time around we offer free lifetime ring resizes with any order (up to 1 per year). 


Here are a few tools to help you find the right ring size for you:


1) Print & Find Your Ring Size - Print this PDF file and find your ring size. If you don't have access to a printer, let us know and we will mail this to you free of charge.


2) International Ring Size Converter - Convert your ring size from other countries to the appropriate US ring size. 


3) Tips on Secretly Finding Someone's Ring Size - Trying to find a significant others ring size without them knowing? Read these useful tips and find them out in no time!


If you are still unable to determind your ring size, contact one of our customer service specialists at