Good Things Come to Those Who Wait


It began more than seven years ago. As many couples do, they met at a party. Though

instantly smitten with each other, they each claimed that they were too young to be in a

committed relationship. Both wanted to just have fun and not get tied down into anythingBeautiful Diamond Ring

too serious. Yet for months they would attend gatherings with the hope of seeing each

other, all the while feigning indifference if they did not.


Everything changed when Mark’s grandfather died. With no one else to lean on, he

called Jennifer. She supported him through this difficult time, and that’s when they both

realized that this was more than just a mutual crush. Mark and Jennifer quickly fell in

love and have been inseparable ever since.


Fast-forward to the present day. Though they both work in demanding fields, Mark and

Jennifer had planned to take a few weeks off to attend a family member’s wedding in

England, visit Paris, and then head to Mark’s ancestral home in Greece. Though Jennifer

was secretly harboring the hope that this trip might end with a ring on her finger, Mark

made it very clear that between work and finances, it just wasn’t the right time to get

engaged. Understanding but disappointed, Jennifer decided to ignore all thoughts of an

engagement and just enjoy the vacation.


England was great. Paris was beautiful. Greece was even better. Mark’s family hails from

a tiny little town in the mountains of Greece. Though they had visited before, Jennifer

marveled at how gorgeous it was. So far, it had been the perfect trip. She didn’t speak

much Greek, but that didn’t stop her from having a wonderful time with Mark and his



Their vacation in Europe was finally coming to an end. Mark and Jennifer had just

two more days before having to head back to the United States. Sad to say goodbye,

Jennifer still looked forward to one final night of celebrating in the town square. Literally

everyone, young and old, would be there to eat, drink, and be merry. Mark and Jennifer

were having a fantastic time as they partook of the delicious food and danced to the

beautiful music.


It was coming upon midnight, and the joyous festivities were slowly quieting down. Not

wanting the night to end, the townspeople congregated around a thousand-year-old tree

that stood in the middle of the square. There they continued to enjoy themselves with

their loved ones. Mark and Jennifer soon enough found themselves standing in the middle

of the party and right underneath that ancient tree.


Wondering how she could possibly be any happier, Jennifer suddenly saw Mark go

down on one knee. The music stopped and the rest of the revelers turned their attention

to the young couple. Mark then revealed a stunning round-cut diamond solitaire ring.

Unbeknownst to Jennifer, he had been carrying it with him all throughout their time in

Europe to give to her at this very moment. Wondering if perhaps she – or Mark – had

enjoyed too much of the local wine, she quietly asked him, “What are you doing?”

A great getaway


Smiling, he replied, “Jennifer, I love you. You’re my best friend, and I want you to be

with me for the rest of my days. Will you marry me?”


The crowd looked on, smiling and waiting for Jennifer’s answer. They didn’t have to wait

very long. “Nai,” she answered, which is Greek for yes. The townspeople broke out into

huge smiles and loud applause. Some who were fluent in both Greek and English began

to translate what had been said to nearby neighbors. Mark then swept Jennifer into his

arms and kissed her. He took her hand, slipped onto her finger that round-cut diamond

solitaire ring, and turned to the crowd, yelling, “Let’s celebrate!” to which he received a

resounding chorus of cheers and laughter. Turning back to his stunned and happy fiancée,

Mark and Jennifer kissed once more as the rest of the crowd began to celebrate. It was the

perfect ending to a perfect vacation.