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Gold-Diamond-Earring-StudsA combination of factors – the occasion, your hairstyle, face shape, clothing style and color, and even eye color help define what jewelry will flatter you and make you look your best. It’s no wonder celebrities employ stylists to help them dazzle in the spotlight.

Gold diamond earrings provide a double dose of elegance. The dazzle of diamonds and luster of gold will draw attention not only to your earlobes, but to your hairstyle and face.

Wear gold diamond earring with neutral colors to accentuate the stone’s sparkle. Solid, conservative colors like ivory, taupe, white, black, gray and beige will set off the stone’s glimmer and your best features. Wear a black pantsuit, little black dress or white blouse with neutral color skirt with gold diamond earrings. Black clothing emphasizes gold jewelry’s warm tones.

Jewel tones complement gold diamond earrings with their vibrant sparkle. Lilac or purple outfits bring out the dazzle of your gold diamond hoop, stud or drop earrings. Burgundy, emerald green, deep blues and other dark jewel tones will draw attention to your gold diamond earrings. Olive green and rose gold are softer, harmonizing colors to wear with gold jewelry. When wearing print shirts or dresses, look for a stylish combination of the previous colors to balance your earrings. Tasteful drop or chandelier gold diamond earrings complement jeans and white silk blouse and will give you a boho chic look perfect for an informal night out on the town.

If you like to wear more than one type of jewelry, keep it simple and place the accent only on your best piece. Don’t mix and match metal jewelry. If you’re wearing gold diamond earrings, wear necklaces, bracelets or accessories with gold or gold tones. A combination of silver and gold jewelry will clash and draw attention away from your gold diamond earrings and other features you want to highlight. If you tend to wear out jewelry easily, choose a lower karat gold diamond earring. Lower karat gold earrings are harder and more resistant.

If you like wearing stacked bracelets along with your earrings, a few thin gold or bronze-toned pieces will work well – just avoid heavy or ornate styles. It’s best to layer bracelets and/or necklaces with causal clothes, like jeans and a blouse. If you’re layering other jewelry, stick to gold diamond stud earrings or you may look like a pirate.

Dara’s Diamond’s has several stylish but elegant gold diamond earrings to match your favorite outfit. Our 0.33 karat D-FL round count diamond stud gold earrings are available in your choice of 14 or 18K yellow gold. (We also offer them in 14K or 18K white gold). These dazzling earrings come with a gift box and an appraisal for retail price from an outside jeweler to guarantee you top quality. Our diamond earring prices may be as much as 73% off retail price, but we only use high grade diamonds, metals and settings, giving you luxury jewelry for less. Browse our full inventory, and call us to learn more about our latest gold diamond earrings and other dazzling jewelry.

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