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wedding rings for womenChoosing a wedding ring for the woman in your life can be a daunting task – especially when it’s supposed to be a surprise. As if getting up the courage to pop the question isn’t hard enough, picking out a ring can cause even the most confident soon-to-be-fiance to panic. You can find great wedding rings for women in a wide range of styles. By carefully choosing the cut, setting and metal band, you can make the most of your budget to get maximum impact at a price you can afford.

Match Her Style

While serving as a symbol of your commitment and love, a wedding ring should reflect the bride-to-be’s personality and individual style. Is your girl classic and traditional, or does she tend towards things that are more modern and contemporary? Pay attention to the clothes and jewelry she wears now. Take clues from how she decorates her place, her favorite colors and even the kind of purse she carries.

Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat

Cut refers to how a diamond reflects light, giving it brilliance. Color determines a diamond’s sparkle, with the least amount of color giving off the most “fire.” Clarity refers to flaws on the surface of a diamond or within it. Carats measure the diamond’s weight. You don’t have to pay for stones at the top of the rating scale to get wedding rings for women that look fantastic. No naturally formed diamond is perfect, and many flaws are only visible with powerful magnification. Most stones in the middle range of the color scale will look virtually colorless to the naked eye. Buying at or above the mid-range of the rating scale can get you a bigger, quality diamond for your money.

The Solitaire

This style is a time-tested classic and is the most consistently popular style of wedding rings for women. The focus is on one big, high-quality diamond set by itself on a simple, clean-lined metal band. The shape of the stone can reflect her personality. A traditional round cut, the most popular diamond in America, reflects more light than any other shape. The princess (square) cut gives a more modern flair, while a marquis (a football-shaped cut) conveys an adventurous style. A pear-shaped diamond gives off the fire of a round stone, but in a unique way.

Three-Stone Rings

Three-stone wedding rings for women are attention grabbers. A basket setting perches three stones of the same size on prongs to allow maximum light to flow through and around them to maximize their brilliance. Three-stone rings featuring two small side diamonds set around a larger center stone are a smart way to save money without sacrificing impact. They often cost less and make the center stone look even bigger than it actually is.

Metal Matters

The most common metals for wedding rings for women are white or yellow gold.  While platinum and its less expensive alternative, white gold, have dominated the market for years, a move back to traditional yellow gold is starting to trend.

Dara’s Diamonds offers a wide selection of affordable diamond rings with more than 2,000 choices, in both solitaire and three-stone styles. Each of our diamonds is rigorously inspected to ensure authenticity, cut, clarity, color, and carat. In addition, we make sure to use only conflict-free diamonds from sources that comply fully with United Nations regulations. Your Dara's Diamonds purchase includes a third-party appraisal certificate to ensure your confidence in the value of your ring. We’ll also provide a lifetime warranty and free ring maintenance and cleaning once a year.

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