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Unique Engagement Rings

Posted on November 13, 2013 by coalition There have been 0 comments

Unique Engagement Rings

Since almost everyone who gets married receives an engagement ring of some sort, it presents both a traditional practice and an opportunity to stand out. You want to choose a ring that you will be honored to wear forever, and it can be fun to choose something a little more unique.

Colored Stones

The clear diamond is by far the most traditional stone for an engagement ring but it also the most common. If you have confidence in your bold sense of style, you might want to choose a different colored diamond for a more unique engagement ring. The gemstones come in a wide variety of colors, and all are beautiful in their own ways. Think of how unique your ring could be if you’re the one person in town who can pull of a black diamond in their engagement ring.

Band Choices

A great way to get a unique wedding ring is to find something vintage, but since diamond rings are usually passed down through the family, it can be a little harder to come across good ones. If you can conduct your search with a bit of a creativity, however, you can find a vintage ring band that can be repurposed and fitted with a brand new diamond of your choice. Then you have something individual with some history in it that still stands out with a bit of your own personality and choice retained in it.

Unique Diamond Cuts and Layouts

Engagement ring styles go through trends just as everything else does, but there are some cuts and shapes that are more popular than others. Try something a little less ordinary, such as a sideways oval shape instead of a teardrop. You may even think about a ring that has an elaborate wave design in the band to house the stone, for example. If you’re open to having multiple stones on the same band, you can even do different or alternating stone cuts and diamonds of different sizes.

Design Your Own

Perhaps the most unique way to end up with a distinctive engagement ring is to design your own ring from top to bottom. There are many ways to be unique and keep your engagement ring design elegant and timeless. Think of your favorite existing stone and band ideas, sketch out some of your own dream creations, and then mix and match to find your dream ring. This is also a great opportunity to inscribe a secret message on the inside of the ring band for only you and your loved one to know. The ring will be around for a very long time, and you want it to feel like an extension of you and your marriage, so it should be comfortable and beautiful.

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