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92198467Although it may be hard to believe, some jewelers never see the top five rarest types of diamonds. Reason being, some of these diamonds are so few and far between that it would be nearly impossible for most jewelers to catch a glimpse of them. While almost everyone has seen a white diamond (one of the most common), you'd be surprised to read how many of the rarer types of diamonds there are in the world.

For suspense's sake, let's start with the least rare of the top five rarest types of diamonds:

The Purple Diamond

A peculiar change in the diamond's crystal structure results in the purple hue that makes this diamond one of the five rarest types. There are two world-famous cuts of the purple diamond: The Royal Purple Heart Diamond and the Supreme Purple Heart. The first is the largest Fancy Vivid Purple diamond and weighs 7.34 carats. The diamond, which is believed to have originated in Russia, was cut into a perfect heart shape by the Julius Klein Diamond Corporation.

The second diamond, Supreme Purple Heart, is actually a rounded cut and not the shape of a heart. Much less is known of this diamond, though many believe it was mined from the Amazon basin. The most remarkable characteristic of this diamond however, is that the color changes. From one angle, a deep purple, while from another, an almost crimson red.

The Orange Diamond

For years, many people did not know of the orange diamond. Not until 2002 -- when Halle Berry wore the "Pumpkin Diamond" to the Academy Awards -- did anyone give much thought to the orange diamond. Now that many eyes have peered on its autumn-like brilliance, it is highly sought-after. Although few of these exist, many of the largest diamonds in the world are. This does not slow the demand for diamond, which mainly originates from the Argyle mine in Australia and South Africa. If you're looking to get your hands on one of these, expect to shell out a pretty penny.

The Pink Diamond

For every million carats of colorless diamond mined, 1 carat of fancy pink diamond will be found. That is why pink diamonds are so exceedingly rare. A typical estimate for 1 carat of pink diamond typically comes to about $1 million. Not a cheap price for a wedding ring (or any ring for that matter). Mainly mined from Australia, the supply of pink diamonds is dropping quickly. If you have an extra million to spend, you might just want to invest in one of these.

The Green Diamond

While many colored diamonds are formed by a change in the crystal's structure, the green diamond is most commonly formed by the effects of atomic radiation -- however in some cases, overexposure to hydrogen can be the culprit. The most famous green diamond is the Dresden Green Diamond, which weighs 41 carats. Most of these attractive gems are found in India (where the Dresden Green Diamond was found) and typically have the hue of a green apple, light with darker green around the edges.

The Red Diamond

Of all the rare diamonds in the world, The Red Diamond trumps them all. Less than 20 red diamonds exist today. The Moussaief Red is the rarest diamond ever discovered, weighing in at 5.11 carats. This rare diamond was discovered in Brazil by a farmer at the Abaetezinho River in 1990, an area known for its colored diamonds. If you're looking to purchase one of these beauties, make sure to have a hefty chunk of cash waiting, because red diamonds do not come cheap. One million dollars per carat is just the starting price for the rarest type of diamond.

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