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The simplicityThere’s a sort of philosophy that applies to life, as well as design, that says that sometimes the simplest way is the best way. Yes, some complicated designs can be incredibly beautiful, but a design that expresses elegance in the simplest way is one that will truly capture the heart and imagination.

There’s a wide range of beautiful jewelry appropriate for engagements, birthday gifts, or simply as a way of saying “I love you,” – yet the elegant simplicity of solitaire rings has a truly timeless appeal.

What is a Solitaire Ring? 

The classic solitaire ring features a sleek, simple band of gold, highlighting a large gem set in four prongs. This classic style beautifully shows off a gem with all its brilliance and sparkle. The solitaire style is striking in its simplicity and in the way it absorbs light to show off the fire in a finely cut diamond. Stunning, yes, yet it’s also a fine example of the unique power of simplicity in design. Now, let’s take a look at the many variations on this simple design that make for truly beautiful jewelry.

Simple yet Versatile 

Within the basic idea of solitaire rings there are many possible design varieties. The possibilities are enormous, which is one reason why these rings have a unique place as a much-favored choice of engagement ring. The pure elegance of the solitaire style has huge appeal on its own, but the variations on this design theme are huge.

Gems can be featured in the solitaire style ring in a range of cuts including the Princess, Pear and Marquise. The cut chosen will depend on personal taste. There are also huge variations in carats, gem color and whether the settings are in yellow or white gold, or gleaming platinum. Dara’s Diamonds offers a huge range of choices in these beautiful rings, with over 900 styles to choose from. Obviously, even the most selective fiancée will be able to find the just right engagement ring with choices like these.

Variations on a Beautiful Theme  

Let’s take a look at some of the most elegant yet simple styles in solitaire rings. A round cut diamond set in a solitaire ring is the essence of simplicity. Smooth yet incredibly elegant, this style draws focus right to the diamond’s fire, for an image that’s utterly beautiful while also incredibly understated.

The Pear Cut diamond has a regal appeal that offers a different kind of beauty. This cut, when set in a solitaire design, has an impact that goes far beyond the simplicity of its setting. The Marquise Cut is another beautiful variation that has an exquisite feel that’s also rather regal. This style is gorgeous on its own or when shown off in a stack of rings. Finally, the Princess Cut is another lovely variation that shows off the diamond’s fire. This diamond cut has a wonderful symmetry when seen in a four prong setting, and shows off the loveliness of a woman’s hand beautifully.

Solitaire rings have a timeless appeal that accounts for their ongoing popularity. Whether the ring of choice is in a Round, Princess, Marquise or Pear cut, the simple beauty of this ring style makes it an always perfect choice.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of choosing a glittering solitaire ring for a very special person, check out the incredible variety of styles today at

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