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the perfect occasion forThere are some simple statements in jewelry that speak volumes. Diamond stud earrings are one example of a simple piece of jewelry that can transform an everyday look into something quite elegant, or a dressy look into something really extraordinary. Gold diamond stud earrings are an always-classic choice in jewelry because the very simplicity of the design lends itself to a look that is as understated as it is elegant—and that’s a look that just can’t miss. From major occasions like weddings or anniversaries, to more everyday events like a lunch with friends or a movie out, the simple beauty of diamond stud earrings is always appropriate and always in style. The versatility of these earrings gives them a quality that’s worth more than their weight in gold—and diamonds!

Variety and Simplicity 

Some of the most fashionable women in the world favor the simple elegance of gold diamond stud earrings. Why? These earrings combine the complex brilliance of diamonds with the timeless shimmer of gold, for a look that’s gorgeous as can be. Yet the compact design of the stud style brings all this beauty into a piece that’s never overdone and never overstated. The effect is simply elegant.

Celebrities like Kate Middleton favor this earring style, in looks similar to the Princess Cut diamond stud earrings carried by Dara’s Diamonds. The royal Duchess is obviously someone who knows how to dress well for a variety of special occasions, from state dinners to charity events to garden parties. Her impeccable taste in jewelry is unquestionable, and her affection for earrings in styles that run from simple to simply elegant underlines her classic taste even more.

Everyday Diamonds 

Though diamonds don’t really seem like everyday fashion, there’s something very glamorous about the notion of wearing “everyday diamonds.” Though diamond jewelry is often saved for special events that call for an extra level of formal wear, like a regal dinner or an anniversary party, the truth is that simple and understated pieces like gold diamond stud earrings are really appropriate for everything from a formalwear event to an afternoon party with good friends. Yes, this very wearable style can add extra shimmer to an evening gown worn with a diamond pendant and bracelets, or it can be the extra sparkle on an everyday outfit of a classic white linen shirt, jeans and pumps.

However they’re worn, these earrings add an extra touch of elegance that’s always simply dazzling. For a woman who really values adding a touch of sparkle and glamour to even an ‘everyday’ outfit, beautiful diamond stud earrings, in timeless classic gold or white gold, are an always appropriate and dazzling addition. Dress them up or dress them down, these earrings are the always right choice for a woman of true taste and style.

If you love the dazzling appeal of sparkling gold diamond stud earrings, check out the selection of beautiful pieces in a variety of styles today, only at Dara’s Diamonds.

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