engagement_ringsAre you thinking about buying an engagement ring or other important piece? Here are ten facts you need to know about ring cuts before you buy your special ring. Once you understand these basic ideas, you will be ready to make an informed purchase that will set the stage for the rest of your life.

1) Cut crucially affects stone presentation. Small differences in the number of facets can make a big difference in how the stone looks. Some of this difference is personal preference, but some is essential.

2) The most popular shapes for  ring cuts are round, pear, oval, marquis, heart, emerald, and princess. Many gemstones are available in these cuts.

3) Cut does not refer only to shape. For example, there are a wide variety of round cuts, including round brilliant cut gems, Swiss cuts, Old European cuts, and 144-facet cuts, among others.

4) Know which cuts best enhance the qualities of the stone you want. For example, the dozens of facets in a round cut exhibit a diamond’s brilliance in an incredible way, while emerald cut is named such because of how perfectly it enhances the emerald’s beauty.

5) Consider your style. It is very important to find a ring that suits your tastes. Gems come in a variety of cuts to suit every personality. Consider a wide variety, and choose the one that speaks to you.

6) Cuts are graded Ideal, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor. The Ideal cut is rare and painstakingly created to maximize an individual stone. Fair and Poor tend to happen when the cut is done for carat size alone.

7) Carat affects cut. Smaller stones often look better in different cuts than do larger stones. Look at a variety of cuts in the carat size you want.

8) Proportion matters. Facets that are cut too deep or too shallow affect the sparkle of the stone. Look for how the light plays through the facets.

9) Cut is the most important aspect of a stone. If a flawless gem is not cut well, it will not look as good as a stone that is of lesser quality.

10) Your jeweler is your biggest asset. An experienced jeweler can help you to find exactly what you need, based on any criteria you provide. Be ready to ask questions, and know what you’re looking for.

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