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SolitaireRingsWhile there are several different styles of solitaire engagement rings—including marquise, cushion, and pear—there are two types that tend to capture the eyes and hearts of lovers everywhere: the round cut and the princess cut. These two diamond cuts are among our best sellers, yet they are unique from another and appeal to different personalities. Consider the following information to help you decide on a solitaire engagement ring, when you’re wrestling with the classic dilemma of round cut vs. princess cut.

Round Cut

Nearly one hundred years ago, a Russian mathematician and diamond heir Marcel Tolkowsky set out to calculate the exact number of cuts to create the perfect diamond.  His findings led to the conception of the round cut diamond. The round cut—sometimes referred to as a brilliant cut—is the most popular type of diamond cut available. The round cut diamond is designed in a shape similar to that of a cone, which allows for maximum light to enter through the bottom and be reflected through the top. This gives the diamond that beautiful flash and sparkle as it’s worn on the bride-to-be’s finger.

Here at Dara’s Diamonds, we offer a large selection of round cut solitaire engagement rings. You may be interested in this 1.50 ct. D-I1 round cut solitaire engagement ring.  This elegantly designed ring showcases the beautiful round cut diamond in a prong set.  You can choose between a 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold, or platinum band, all of which are sure to leave a lasting impression on whoever is lucky enough to have it placed on their finger.

Princess Cut

Often regarded as the second-most popular type of diamond cut after the round cut, the princess cut is relatively new in the grand scheme of diamond engagement rings.  Created during the 1960s, this style of diamond has gained recognition for being an alternative to the round cut.  It is similarly shaped like a cone, but instead of a round top, it has a unique square look.  The cone shape allows for a stunning and striking sparkle that is perfectly suited for any bride who deserves to be called princess.

If you’re looking to purchase a princess cut engagement ring, then Dara’s Diamonds is the right place for you.  For instance, you should check out this expertly crafted 1.75 ct. D-I2 princess cut diamond engagement ring.  Set in prongs and available in our white gold, yellow gold, and platinum band, this ring is the perfect way to show your dedication to your spouse-to-be.

In the discussion between round cut vs. diamond cut solitaire engagement rings, you should know that you can’t go wrong with either choice. Both diamonds are beautiful and will sparkle on any finger they are placed upon. And when you order from Dara’s Diamonds, you know that your diamond will be of the highest quality and is backed up by a lifetime warranty.  Browse our wide selection of solitaire engagement rings and find the perfect one for you today!

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