Online JewelryWhen shopping online, jewelry, especially diamond jewelry, will require some extra research. With diamond gemstones, you need to base your decision on a stone’s cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The most important factor to consider is the diamond’s cut, as the shape and symmetry of the stone influences the type of fire that the diamond will convey.

The Length-Width Ratio

Over the years, diamond makers have studied the various cuts of diamonds, performing calculations and studying the laws of light to ensure that a diamond optimally glistens and shines. A good part of the calculation for the cut is based on the length-width ratio of the gem. Therefore, when you choose diamond online jewelry, this specific element is an essential consideration.

Square Cut Diamonds

For example, online jewelry represented by princess cut diamonds should have diamond cuts that feature a length-to-width ratio of 1.00 to 1.05. The same holds true for Asscher cut diamonds as well as radiant cuts. If you want a princess diamond or radiant cut to look more rectangular, then you’ll need to choose a length-to-width ratio of just over 1.10.

Allow Us to Help You in the Decision-making Process

Of course, you’ll need to speak with a jewelry professional if you have questions in this regard. That’s why we, at Dara’s Diamonds, are always ready to lend you assistance when you need answers concerning your online jewelry selection.

The Perfect Diamond has No Coloring

Besides the cut of a diamond for an online jewelry selection, you also need to determine the quality of a diamond’s color as well as its clarity. The color for a diamond is based more on the lack of a tint than the presence of color. Therefore, a perfect diamond, exhibited in an online jewelry display, doesn’t show any sort of hue. Flawless gems of this kind are not blemished or shaded in any way.

The Color Grading System

The color grading system used by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is based on a scale that goes from D through Z, with colorless diamonds being graded as “D.” While you can’t see these color variations with the naked eye, the differences, when magnified, can mean a great deal of difference with respect to value and cost.

Diamond Clarity

When you’re viewing diamond online jewelry, you also need to check the clarity of the diamonds you want to buy. Clarity is the gauge that is used for microscopic imperfections. Because these imperfections are not discernible, they have the least amount of influence on a diamond’s value. Imperfections are often referred to as inclusions or blemishes.

Diamond Size

The size of a diamond, as you might surmise, will increase the price that you pay for the adornment. However, it’s the cut of the diamond, not the size, that determines the gem’s sparkle and shine.

How to Make a Selection

The size of diamond you choose should be based on the kinds of clothes you plan to wear with the jewelry. For example, if you’re choosing diamond jewelry in the form of a necklace, then you should pair the piece with a printed top if the featured stone is large. If the stone is smaller, then match the diamond with a plain-colored top or dress. Diamond jewelry that is worn frequently should display medium to smaller stones.

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