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RiskResetYou’ve had your princess cut diamond ring for some time now, and as much as you love it, you’ve decided that it is time to upgrade the setting. While this is a perfectly normal and common decision, you need to be aware that there are some risks associated with this process. Fully understanding the risks of resetting princess cut diamond rings is the first step to preventing any issues, so here are a few points to help you be completely informed if you decide to reset your diamond.

Damaged Diamond

While diamonds are one of the strongest natural substances that we know of, it is possible for them to become damaged in a variety of ways. If your original princess cut diamond ring came preset with a diamond, upon resetting you may notice inclusions or blemishes—such as clouds, knots, chips, or scratches. Sometimes a jeweler will take a damaged diamond and carefully craft the setting to hide the flaws, thus when the diamond is removed, these imperfections are all too clear. If your diamond has a priceless emotional value attached to it, you may want to find a new setting that can mask these inclusions in similar fashion to your original setting.

New Technologies

Diamond rings have been a popular symbol of love and marriage for many centuries. But as our world has advanced from a technological standpoint, naturally so have the processes and applications for the cutting, shaping, and setting of diamonds. Be sure to inform your jeweler if your princess-cut diamond is from a past generation, so he or she can prepare for any special treatments that may be necessary. Also, the jeweler may be able to explain any other inherent risks that come from resetting an older diamond.

Diamond Theft

If you’re using a reputable jeweler that you trust, then this is probably something you don’t have to worry about, but it’s still important to mention. When you turn your diamond over to another person to perform a resetting, they have the ability to switch the diamond for one of less value, or worse, a fake. Again, this event is rare, but just be sure to use a highly regarded jeweler—one that you’ve worked with before, if at all possible—and you should be safe.

Ultimately, the key to minimizing the risks of resetting princess cut diamond rings is to communicate with a trusted jeweler. Resetting is a common practice, and a jeweler should be well-versed in what options are available to you and what the inherent risks may be. Know that there is no fail-proof method for resetting a diamond, but if you are patient and open to different ideas, you’ll be able to create the perfect setting for your new, upgraded ring.

If you have any questions about resetting, don’t hesitate to ask us. Be sure to browse our wide selection of princess-cut diamond ring settings and find the one for you!

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