Buying-Diamonds-Online1-290x300Pick the perfect ring with the diamond dimensions calculator. This handy chart will help you determine the best diamond ring for your sweetheart – and your budget. Also known as a  diamond size chart, a diamond dimensions calculator lists the width of a stone in millimeters (mm)and the carat weight for each diamond shape, or cut.   A gemstone appraiser can assist you in using one of these calculators accurately, although there are many online sources available to help you estimate diamond dimensions on your own. Having an appraiser or a salesman at your jewelry dealer help you ensures  you a correct assessment, as many factors need to be considered to pick the perfect ring with the diamond dimensions calculator.

Check for the clarity of the diamond. Clarity rankings denote how clear the diamond looks- whether it has a pure transparent visual or one with cracks and other imperfections. Diamonds are scored on a clarity scale of from FL-IF for flawless to I1-I2-I3 , which indicates that cracks and imperfections are visible to the naked eye or under minimal magnification.

Gemologists grade diamonds according to their color. Graders evaluate a diamond to stones from a master set, comparing it to the pure color of the master set. A flawless diamond is colorless, but some colors increase a diamond’s value. Structural and chemical inconsistencies cause diamonds to turn yellow, pink, purple or blue. Black and red diamonds are the rarest finds, with red diamonds the most coveted. A 2.26-carat purplish-red diamond was auctioned in 2007 in Switzerland for 2.6 million dollars.

Colorless diamonds receive a grade of “D” (highest) to “F” , with near colorless, faint yellow and light yellow diamonds graded from G (nearly colorless)  to Z ( very light yellow).

A diamond’s weight is measured in carats. Each carat equals 200 milligrams. Larger diamonds are rare in nature and are worth much more than smaller stones. Light refracts more brilliantly; on a heavier diamond, thus increasing the beauty and the value of large diamonds.  Gemologists assign 100 points per diamond carat, so a 2-carat diamond  has a 200 point grade.

The cut of the stone is a combination of shape, proportion and symmetry. A poorly cut diamond appears too shallow or too deep, while a properly cut gem has perfect proportions that allow light to sparkle and reflect throughout the stone.  An unbalanced cut results in less light on the bottom or sides of the stone.  Round diamonds, the most popular shape, allows maximum brightness. Other cuts include oval, pear-shaped, the football-shaped marquise cut, the cushion (square cut with rounded corners) and the emerald cut.

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