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diamond 2 ct 2012To an extent, there are no true trends when it comes to diamond rings. While new designs pop up, the classics simply never go out of style. And in 2012, the new engagement ring trends definitely headed in the direction of classic and vintage looks, reflecting the timelessness of this treasured piece of jewelry. Ornate settings recalling Art Deco design or Victorian embellishment, the antique-looking halo design, and the emerald cut style all surged in popularity. Here's an overview of the most popular diamond 2 carat rings of 2012.

The classic prong set solitaire with a big rock is a popular style every year, but was particularly on trend in 2012. These traditional engagement rings usually feature a princess or round cut diamond set into a simple and elegant band by four or six prongs. The solitaire setting is notable because it allows the most light possible into the diamond for maximum sparkle. This diamond 2 carat princess solitaire engagement ring has four prongs on a band that is your choice of 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold, or platinum. Twists on the solitaire were also popular in 2012, with many couples opting for a solitaire style on a band featuring path diamonds.

In fact, creative band design was all the rage in 2012, with many of the most popular rings using band embellishments instead of extra diamonds for unique design. Twisted bands with intricate settings were very popular. Split shanks, which highlight the diamond with a band that is split into two pieces at the side of the stone, were another popular band trend. Art Deco and Victorian style engravings were other popular ways to add detail to a diamond 2-carat ring.

Also taking a cue from Art Deco style, the popularity of the halo engagement ring design was probably 2012s biggest diamond ring trend. In a halo ring, the central diamond is surrounded by a ring of tiny diamonds, creating the halo effect of the design's name. Double halo rings feature two rows around the focal diamond. Many of the most popular halo diamonds featured path diamonds on the band as well.

Not every trend in popular diamond rings was a style choice, however. In 2012, conflict-free diamonds truly became a priority for engagement ring shoppers, no matter what style they were working with. Dara's Diamonds carefully works to ensure that our suppliers are following United Nations regulations for legitimate diamond sourcing.

Each of these styles becomes more beautiful and glamorous with more diamonds. A diamond 2-carat ring is the best way to realize the beauty of a diamond ring, but this weight is too pricey for some people. At Dara's Diamonds, we're proud to bring you the best prices on diamond 2-carat rings and beyond. Because we work directly with conflict-free diamond mines, cutters and suppliers overseas, we are able to avoid the costs of importers and distributors and pass the savings on to you. Shop our full selection to find diamond 2-carat rings at almost 70 percent off.

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