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Mens Rings | The Symbolic Meaning of Each Finger

Posted on December 5, 2013 by coalition There have been 0 comments

It’s common knowledge that wearing a ring on the ring finger indicates that one is married or about to be married. That, in all likelihood, explains why the ring finger is called such, and why we don’t give much thought to the meaning behind wearing rings—especially mens rings—on other fingers.

If you’re a cerebral, sophisticated type of male, however, you may be interested in the ring-and-finger symbolism. Whether you’re aware of it or not, where you place your mens rings says something about your personality.


Little Finger

Of all your fingers, the little finger is the most low-profile, and not just because of its size. It’s the finger that’s least likely to interfere with your hand movements, and it also has the least amount of superstitions attached to it.

That’s not to say that wearing mens rings on your little finger says little about you as well. According to palmistry experts, who take influence from the likes of Greek mythology and Chinese philosophy, this finger is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, intelligence, intuition and persuasion. If you have a flashy ring with a moonstone, citrine or amber, wear it on your little finger.

Middle Finger

If you say that you’re “giving someone the finger”, everyone knows which finger you’re talking about.

The middle finger isn’t completely deserving of its negative reputation, though. Many first-time ring wearers place their rings on this finger because it feels comfortable, balanced, and—dare we say it—manly. In fact, the middle finger is associated with Saturn, the planet of balance, justice and introspection.

Index Finger

Next to the thumb, the index finger is the most-used finger, and it’s therefore understandable why most people would rather not wear a ring here. Still, if you wish to display your class ring, fraternal ring, or any other ring of great significance to you, this finger is an appropriate place. Also, a ring worn on the index finger reinforces the planet Jupiter’s qualities of ambition, confidence, leadership and spirituality.


Outside America, wearing a ring on the thumb is surprisingly common. If you wear mens rings on this finger, it’s a sign that you’re a man of great wealth and influence. Thus, thumb rings tend to have bold—but not loud—designs and thick bands to fit an equally thick finger.

The thumb is the only finger without a god/planet associated with it. However, in ancient times, it was used as a gauge of someone’s character. Straight thumbs indicated a strong personality, while crooked thumbs indicated an equally crooked person.

Ring Finger

According to ancient tradition, the left hand ring finger has a vein called the “Vena Amoris” (Vein of Love) directly connected to the heart, which is why married couples wear their wedding bands on this finger. Also, Apollo—the representation of creativity and beauty—is said to rule the ring finger. Though scientists have long disproven the existence of the Vein of Love, modern-day couples still believe in the power of wearing a wedding band on this finger.

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