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Making Sure Your Round Diamond Pendant Shines

Posted on December 8, 2013 by coalition There have been 0 comments

jewelry setA Versatile Piece of Jewelry

When you’re selecting a round diamond pendant, you have to consider the clarity, color, and carat size of the gem. A pendant of this style is probably one of the most versatile types of jewelry, as it can be paired with casual clothes as well as more formal fashions.

Pendants featured today come in traditional colorless styles as well as in such hues as pink, yellow, blue, and purple. You can even find some round diamond pendant offerings featured in black or red. The scarlet diamond can be quite valuable due to its rarirty.

The Color Rating System

When a solitaire or round diamond is graded for color, it’s measured on a rating scale that ranges from D to Z. Colorless diamonds are rated D to F, while diamonds with a tinge of a yellow hue are ranked from S to Z. Diamonds that are almost colorless are rated G to J.

A perfect round diamond pendant then is considered colorless. Because impurities in a diamond will shade the stone, only colorless diamonds, or those rated from D to F, are thought to be completely unblemished and therefore perfect. However, that doesn’t mean that a diamond tinged in yellow, blue, purple, or black is not valuable. Those imperfections can boost the worth of a diamond, especially if the color is not considered one that is worn that frequently.

The Carat Weight of the Stone

The carat weight for a round diamond or another type of cut stone also denotes the stone’s value too. The heavier the carat weight, the more expensive the gem. In addition, the carats of a diamond are denoted by points. For example, if a round diamond pendant is 200 points, it has a carat weight of 2 carats. Or, if its points are equal to 100, then the pendant’s weight is one carat. The more a diamond weighs, the better its brilliance and detailing. Therefore, a larger round diamond pendant will convey more shine than a lighter-weight diamond piece of jewelry.

Grading a Diamond: Why Cut is Important

A diamond that is precision-cut will display more luminosity or brilliance. The grader of a diamond then will look at the stone’s symmetry and sizing when rating the gem for its quality. When the facets of a diamond are in proportion, the diamond notably glistens and sparkles more. So, even if a round diamond ranks high with respect to its color, carat weight and clarity, it still won’t shine like it should if the cut is poor.

The round cut diamond pendant is a most popular style and complements round cut diamond engagement rings. Therefore, when you’re making your selection of a diamond jewelry, make sure the gemstone is precision-cut. That’s the most important factor in making sure your gem sparkles and stands out.

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