Designer Engagement RingsChoosing a Setting

One of the most important considerations to make when looking at designer engagement rings is the type of setting. Therefore, the ideal setting can be represented in one of three ways. A prong setting, which is most frequently used, permits optimal light to enter the gem. You can choose from 3 or more prongs. Naturally, if designer engagement rings are set with more prongs, the gem will stay more secure. However, if you select a setting with fewer prongs, the diamond will receive more light.


Bezel and Tension Settings for Designer Engagement Rings

Some designer engagement rings feature a bezel setting. This setting, which secures the diamond well, also makes the diamond appear larger. For more modern designs, a tension setting for designer engagement rings is frequently used.

Choosing Between Platinum and Gold

When you’re selecting a metal for your designer engagement ring, you’ll appreciate the durability and shine of platinum. Gold, too, is durable and avoids damage well. Both white gold and platinum look very similar. However, platinum is used the most often for contemporary diamond rings. Many brides like pink or yellow gold for their rings as the hues are more traditional. Regardless of the metal color that is chosen though, gold is still gold. Only the alloy elements used in the metal will determine the coloring.

Matching a Ring with Your Fingers and Hand

Once you select a stone and a metal, you’ll want to see how the style matches with your fingers and hands. Designer engagement rings with pronged settings that prominently feature the diamond are good choices if the wearer has long fingers and a large hand. If your fingers are long and thin and your hand is muscular, then thicker rings with a distinctive diamond are a good jewelry choice.

Choosing a Ring for a Shorter or Broader Hand

If you have short and wide fingers, then designer engagement rings that display larger stones are excellent options, provided you choose a bezel or tension setting. Stay away from rings that exhibit pronged settings as the stone will emphasize the width of your fingers. If your fingers are thin and delicate, stick to designer engagement rings that are delicate as well. Don’t select stones that will overpower your fingers or hand.

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