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diamonds1When talking about diamonds, most people like to discuss carat size, but do you know what carat size actually entails? Many people assume that it conforms to the size of the diamond; the bigger the diamond, the greater the carat, with a spectacular diamond comprising a full carat.

Factors to Consider

Actually, carat refers to the weight of the diamond. Two diamonds, both weighing one carat, can be two separate sizes. This has much to do with the cut of the diamond. A poorly cut diamond may contain much of its weight at the base, making the top of the diamond appear smaller.

When determining how to select the right carat size for her, look at the diamond from the top. A well cut diamond can have less carat weight, but appear larger. Well-cut diamonds will have more brilliance, giving an impression that it’s of a large size. The cut is the diamond’s primary attribute. If the cut is too shallow, light will escape through the bottom, and if the cut too deep, light will escape through the sides. The cut of the diamond is classified as ideal, very good, good and fair.

It’s also important to consider the quality of the diamond. The most valuable diamonds have no color. Lesser grade diamonds have a visible light yellow color. If you are on a low budget, but carat size is important to your loved one, it’s best to choose a diamond that is nearly colorless, but does not show an obvious yellow tint. You will still have a high-quality diamond, but for a lower price than you would pay for one that is flawlessly white.

How to Select the Right Diamond Carat Size for Her According to Diamond Shape and Size

When making your decision, keep in mind her ring size. If your recipient has small, slender hands, a diamond will appear much larger than if her ring size is 7 or 8. She may not feel comfortable with a whopping, well-cut 1.5 carat diamond on her tiny finger.

The shape of the diamond can also influence your decision in how to select the right carat size for her. Round diamonds have a tendency to maximize the degree of fire and brilliance in a diamond. An oval cut has the same effect, but is most desirable for long, slender fingers, as it accentuates the finger’s shape. Be cautious if you choose an emerald or square cut diamond and have a limited budget, as this table will highlight the clarity of the diamond. A lower color grade may not have that startling effect you want when you present your diamond to your loved one.

Talk to your diamond retailer before deciding how to select the right carat size. Make sure the diamond you select is graded by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or the American Gem Society Laboratories and certified for clarity, color, and cut.

Diamonds are eternal. Their shape, grade, color and cut have as great an effect on their value as the carat weight. Before deciding how to select the right carat size for her, find out if she gives more preference to carat weight or to the quality of the diamond. Choose a carat size for its maximum brilliance, as a well-cut diamond will look larger than a poorly cut diamond. Buy the whitest diamond you can afford to match the carat size she desires. You want her to wear her diamond forever, so you want that forever to be one that is beautiful and unforgettable.

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