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scrubbing-the-jewelry_1281.fb897Diamond earrings add sparkle on a special night out or even a little luster to a mundane day at work. However, the more you wear them, the more they pick up oil from skin and hair, causing the metal to wear down and the stone to lose its luster. While many people appreciate the look and feel of a freshly cleaned diamond, few truly know how to clean diamond earrings properly.
While one can always take her diamond earrings in to a professional for cleaning, those who know how to clean diamond earrings themselves can save money by completing the task using common household items. If earrings are only plagued by a little oil or grime, a small amount of dish soap and warm water is all that is necessary. Diamond earrings should be soaked in the solution for up to 30 minutes. If any grim or oil remains, a toothbrush, soft cloth or cotton swab can be dipped into the soapy water, then used to gently scrub the stone and metal backing. Earrings should then be rinsed under warm water and dried with a lint free cloth.

Those wondering how to clean diamond earrings with a silver or gold backing can try baking soda, an excellent agent for cleaning built-up tarnish on precious metals. A quarter cup of baking soda combined with 2 tablespoons of water will create a potent but not overly harsh cleaning agent. For silver backing, dipping a damp sponge into the mixture, then carefully rubbing the baking soda mixture on the backing of each earring will effectively remove build up without damaging the silver. For earrings with gold backings, a light coating of baking soda is all that is necessary. A small amount of vinegar can then be poured over the backing, before your rinse, dry and polish the earrings with a  lint free cloth.

While simple baking soda and soap can be very effective in cleaning diamond earrings, some people are not content with clean diamonds, but instead insist on knowing how to clean diamond earrings until they sparkle like new! To restore the full shine to diamond earrings, an ammonia solution can do the trick. Start by combining one part ammonia with three parts warm water in a small bowl. Remember, ammonia is a strong chemical, so be sure to open a window and wear rubber gloves to protect your hands. Place the earrings in the ammonia solution while wearing the gloves and swirl them around the solution for no longer than 10 minutes. Remove the earrings and if necessary, gently scrub dirt off the backing with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Diamond jewelry is often cherished by its owner and in many cases passed down to future generations, and knowing how to clean diamond earrings properly can be a very valuable skill. Remember, diamonds are strong gemstones, but they can still chip if not cared for, and earring backings are not always as strong, so exercise caution. Scrub gently and do not soak earrings longer than the recommended timeframe. By providing proper care for your diamonds, you can ensure they remain valuable and eye-catching for years to come!

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