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DiamondNecklaceDiamondEarringWhen you want to feel truly beautiful, accessorizing with jewelry is a wonderful option. Let’s face it, sapphires may glitter and topaz may glow, but there’s nothing that highlights your sense of personal style like diamonds. When gorgeous is the look you’re going for, you can’t get any better than real diamonds.

Now that you’ve decided on a new necklace or an exquisite pair of drop earrings, you’ll really need to study how to accessorize with your new diamonds. Where should you start? Let’s take a look at a few strategies that can help you master the art of looking great and knowing how to accessorize with your new diamonds.

Adding That Attention-Getting Element

Diamonds are an accessory that never, ever goes out of style. The timeless quality of diamonds, whether they be icy white, glowing pink or deep chocolate, is one of the things that makes them so utterly wonderful as a fashion statement. The intense beauty of diamonds always adds an incredible highlight to an outfit, whether the look is daytime professional or evening chic. When you’re ready to really heighten a look, knowing how to accessorize with your new diamonds is a talent that can’t be understated. When you want to make sure all eyes are turned your way, diamonds are an attention-getting touch that always sets just the right tone.

Choosing Looks for Daytime

Diamonds for daytime? Of course! Diamonds work beautifully with professional attire; the key is to know how to accessorize with your new diamonds in a way that allows the jewelry to heighten your looks without being inappropriate or distracting. It all comes down to matching the jewelry to the clothing.

Daytime/office attire generally calls for jewelry that is slender and subtle. When reviewing the new diamonds in your collection, look for pieces that lend themselves to the type of dress you’ll be wearing at a professional function. A slender chain with a diamond pendant or a sleek silver rope encrusted with diamonds is a great choice. Slender bracelets and small diamond stud earrings also create a subtle effect that adds to the overall glamour of your image. These types of designs look lovely with an open collar blouse or a scoop next silk tee and blazer. The addition of these sparkling gems brings on the perfect touch of understated elegance.

Going Glam for Evening Wear

When you’re planning a look for a special date or cocktail party, knowing how to accessorize with your new diamonds is especially critical. If the new diamonds in your collection are large and glitzy, you’ll want to choose a monochromatic look that flatters while drawing attention to your glittering earrings and icy white diamond necklace. A scoop neck, sleeveless sheath dress in black is a classic look. Dress it up with long black gloves and stiletto heels for a high glamour look that can’t be beat.

Ultimately, the key to knowing how to accessorize with your new diamonds is to draw all the attention to YOU.

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