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diamond-chart_n9cjIf you plan on buying a diamond any time soon, then you will want to learn how a diamond carat is measured. The carat is a numerical value assigned to the physical weight of the diamond. One of the most common misconceptions about carats is that they signify the diameter of the diamond. When a woman talks about having carat diamond, she is referring about the weight of the stone and not its diameter. Instead of having significant diameter, the stone could be deep and sit higher in its mount. This would make it heavy without making it wide.

The first step in learning how a diamond carat is measured is understanding the proper definition of a carat. In 1913, the United States switched to the metric carat, which is .2 grams of physical weight. One of the big rules in learning how a diamond carat is measured is to remember that diamonds are very light. These numbers we are talking about may seem exceptionally minuscule, but they actually add up to one big diamond.

The measurement is then broken down into points, which are added up to indicate how much the stone weighs. This is where the concept can get a little complicated. When people start learning how a diamond carat is measured, they will often make the mistake of thinking that points refer to the number of peaks on the physical cut of the diamond. It is important to understand that a carat has nothing to do with the actual cut of the stone. It only deals in the weight.

A point is equal to 1/100th of a carat. It helps to know some basic math when you are learning how a diamond carat is measured, because you will need to be able to do these figures in your head quickly if you are talking to a client, or if you are trying to negotiate the purchase of a diamond with a retailer. The process of understanding how a diamond carat is measured is always easier when you understand the terminology.

Since a point is 1/100th of a carat, then a 100-point diamond is one full carat. Therefore, a 100-point diamond weighs .2 grams. As you continue to learn how a diamond carat is measured, you will start to apply points to diamonds in order to determine the actual carat weight.

Understanding carat measurements is important when you plan to buy a diamond for yourself or your significant other. When a retailer tells you that he has a 25-point diamond for sale, you now know that it has nothing to do with the cut or the shape of the diamond. Points and carats are reserved strictly for the weight of the diamond, which is only one part of determining the final value of the stone itself. The clarity, cut and shape of the diamond are the other parts of a complete diamond purchase.

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