cheap gold ringsTraditionally, they say you should spend three months’ salary when purchasing an engagement ring. Practically speaking, however, very few people actually have that much discretionary income to spend on a ring, and it’s not very romantic to finance a diamond ring purchase, join finances, and expect your wife-to-be to help pay it off. The truth most people don’t seem particularly inclined to talk about, however, is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a stunning engagement ring. And you don’t need to settle for cubic zirconia either. These five cheap gold rings are elegant, classy, and completely wallet-friendly.

There is no engagement ring more classic and traditional than a gold band with a princess cut diamond. This 0.1 Ct. K-13 Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring brings that tradition to life at a price you won’t believe. It’s just $154.99, a price that just about anyone can manage. The sparkling diamond is prong set on a delicate band. This cheap gold ring is available in your choice of 14k white or yellow gold.

A round cut solitaire is another popular and elegant style to consider when shopping for cheap gold rings. Purchasing 0.10 Ct. F-I1 Round Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring for $179.99 is a very wallet-friendly way to propose with a classic. Your round cut diamond can be set on a 14k white or yellow gold band.

If you want a diamond with a more unique cut, consider this 0.10 Ct. F-I3 Pear Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring, which is just $174.99. The teardrop shape really brings out the sparkle in the diamond and can provide an elegant slimming effect for the fingers. The pear shaped diamond is prong set in the band of your choice. If you want a gold ring in this style, you are able to choose between 14k white gold and 14k yellow gold.

If you’re on a budget it’s even possible to find cheap gold rings with multi-stone settings. Go for three times the sparkle with this exquisite 0.50 Ct. K-I3 Round Cut Classic Basket 3-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring. A trio of round cut diamonds are prong set in your choice of 14 white gold or 14k yellow gold. At $264.99, this ring packs a real style punch without taking out your bank account.

You can even get a multi-stone setting featuring the popular two-side diamond look. The 0.55 Ct. K-I3 Princess Cut 3-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring with 2 Side Diamonds is a shocking $259.99. Three princess cut diamonds are prong set in the 14k white or yellow gold band with diamond accents on the side.

If you’re thinking on a budget, but cheap gold rings just aren’t your style, each of these ring designs is also available on a platinum band. Shop at Dara’s Diamonds for incredible rings and other jewelry at prices you won’t believe.