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Everything You Need To Know About Promise Rings

Posted on November 13, 2013 by coalition There have been 0 comments

The thought of promise rings certainly rings up some old memories for many people. They may have traditional roots, but we firmly believe that promise rings can still have a place in anyone’s life.

Promise Rings in Tradition

Promise rings are often used amongst people of all ages who may feel too young to get married, but still want to express their commitment to each other. They are also used sometimes for younger people who making a vow to celibacy until marriage. These ways are great but they can also be used as a fun precursor to your real engagement ring with a beauty all its own.

Amongst Couples

In relationships, a promise ring is often given in lieu of (or as a pre-step) to an engagement ring. It does not necessarily mean that an engagement is on the way, but the ring giver is making a profound statement that they’re not going anywhere. The recipient is acknowledging this and agreeing to it. This is common amongst the age groups that are too young to actually get married, but it can be a fun way to show a commitment in adulthood as well.

The Style

When you’re searching for a promise ring, keep in mind that it might not specifically be advertised as one. Really you have every type of ring to choose from. It’s usually going to be more modest than an official engagement ring, so look for small diamonds, or even bands with diamonds on them that look a little more casual and less official than an engagement ring.

How It Is Worn

Of course, how you wear a promise ring is a personal preference decision, but there are some ways that are more traditional than others. A promise ring does not necessarily have to be worn on the engagement ring finger, since it is not an official engagement ring. Sometimes people wear it on the ring finger of their right hand to signify that it’s significant in its own way, and some people put them on their left middle finger so it can be close to their engagement finger. If a promise ring is outgrown or doesn’t match your other ring styles after a period of time, it can be strung onto a necklace and stay just as meaningful with its close presence to the heart.

For Both Men and Women

A promise ring does not have to be exclusive to women. A man might enjoy a promise ring as well, much in the way that he would enjoy wearing his own engagement band on his wedding day. In most cases, it is a more modest ring, so it will be a less expensive purchase as well. Some are bands with jewels on them, but many others are simple thin bands lined with diamonds or even plain silver. Since they come in such basic forms, a man could easily fit the accessory into his day-to-day life and have a constant reminder of his love.
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