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different styles of platinum diamond studsAt Dara’s Diamonds you’ll find a wide selection of elegant and timeless platinum diamond stud princess cut earrings. Princess cut diamonds are cut similarly to the round brilliant diamonds, to bring out the beauty and maximum sparkle but in a classic yet dramatic square cut. Princess cut diamond studs are the perfect gift for a birthday or anniversary.

At Dara’s Diamonds, we offer platinum diamond stud princess cut earrings from .25 carat all the way to 2.75 carats. Our diamond stud earrings can find a way to fit into any budget with this range of sizes, combined with a variety of color and clarity combinations. We set our studs in four pronged settings to protect the vulnerable corners from chipping, while allowing the beauty of the gem to speak for itself in this minimalist setting.

If you are looking to purchase a pair of diamond stud princess cut earrings of the highest quality, we suggest looking for a pair with a cut rated Very Good, a G color rating and VS2 clarity. You can still get a brilliant sparkle and overall beautiful gem with a Good cut, I color rating and SI2 clarity. Remember that no two diamonds are alike and the reflective properties will vary from stone to stone. Many gems with lower ratings are still fiery and eye catching. Compare a few stones from different classes and, to the untrained eye, there will be very little noticeable difference.

Some retailers offer princess cut diamond stud earrings in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold settings in addition to platinum. We believe that the platinum setting is by far the best, as the brilliance, clarity and depth of the gem really stand out in platinum. Other colored settings can hide the true beauty of the gem and make it appear tinted or yellow.

Ask to see a few different carat sizes of diamond studs earrings when you are shopping. Consider the ears that will display the studs and the frequency in which the studs will be worn. If you would like to purchase a pair for daily wear, .50 to 1 carat are generally good choices. For less frequent wear, you can compare gems up to 2.75 carats at Dara’s Diamonds. But remember, diamonds are a girl’s best friend and bigger is always better!

At Dara’s Diamonds you can find platinum diamond stud princess cut earrings in almost any weight, clarity and color combination. Visit Dara’s Diamonds online to see out selection of stud earrings and find exactly what you are searching for. You’ll also see that we offer the same quality earrings for over 60% less than standard retail prices. Not only do we offer the best, but we offer the best prices as well. We also offer free repairs for the lifetime of the earrings and free annual maintenance and cleaning.

Shop Dara’s Diamonds today to find the perfect platinum diamond stud princess cut earrings for the most beautiful woman in your life.

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