DiamondHoopEarringsHoop earrings have been in style since their inception. Diamond hoop earrings are a classic and sophisticatedly understated way to highlight any outfit.

A Celebrity Favorite

Proof that diamond hoop earrings are considered a staple of taste is how popular they are with celebrities. While we might watch the runways for the newest fashion trends, where we usually see them come to life in a more accessible way is through celebrity style. It makes sense that celebrity women would be drawn to these chic accessories.

Why They Are So Popular

You might wonder why diamond hoop earrings are so undeniably popular. While the diamonds evoke a level of class and social status, the hoop shape adds another dimension of style and accessibility. They are suitable for any age— you would be just as likely to see a young pop star rocking a giant set of diamond hoops as you would a polished Oscar winner during her acceptance speech. Any item that is celebrated during a trend and also surpasses the temporary fad is one that makes sense to invest in.

Different Styles of Diamond Hoop Earrings

There are different hoop styles to choose from to fit anyone’s individual look. The different sizes of hoops can definitely make different impressions; a larger hoop can make a trendier impression, while a very small one is fit both for a young girl and every age on up.

There are also differences in how the diamonds can be laid out on the earring. The earring can be a thin or thick hoop with diamonds only along the curve, they can be completely covered with diamonds, or the hoop can be a receptacle of sorts for an elaborate show of diamonds housed on the inner curve. You can even play around with hoops that make a full or half circle, depending on your tastes or mood.

How They Work For You

Some of those outrageous celebrity styles look fabulous on the pages of the fashion magazines but don’t translate outside of Hollywood no matter how many different ways you try them out. The diamond hoop earring is not one of those troublesome trends. The earrings are basic enough that they can be worn casually or dressed up for any occasion, and they are not going to go out of style. Diamond hoop earrings are, above all, versatile; for example, while draping diamond earring is generally a very formal look, the shape of the hoop can give it a whole different impression, allowing it to cross back into the casual department if you wish.

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