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diamondanniversaryringsMost people associate diamond rings with engagements, but the truth is, a diamond ring remains a significant symbol of love and commitment long after you’ve actually tied the knot. Many couples choose to honor the ten year anniversary of their marriage and reaffirm their relationship with diamond anniversary rings.

Options for Your 10 Year Anniversary Diamond

Like other jewelry, diamond anniversary rings come in a variety of designs to suit each individual’s personal style and taste. When you are selecting diamond anniversary rings for your ten year anniversary, the most important thing to consider is whether you want to wear the new ring alongside your existing wedding and engagement bands or use it to replace them entirely. The style of ring you select will greatly vary depending on which of these options you choose.

Adding Diamonds to Your Existing Bands

If you decide to add a diamond to your existing bands, you generally want to look for one that is smaller and thinner than the rings you already have, so it doesn’t overpower your finger. You should look for a ring that matches the style of the ones you already wear in terms of color and cut.

Wearing the Anniversary Ring on Its Own

You also definitely want to choose a smaller stone if you plan to wear the anniversary ring on its own. Eternity diamond anniversary rings, which feature small diamonds around the entire circumference of the ring, are a popular style for this purpose. A small classic three stone ring, like this .5 carat classic basket three stone ring, is also ideal alongside your other rings. The three stone setting is a popular choice for diamond anniversary rings because the three stones symbolize a couple’s past, present, and future.

Replacing Your Existing Bands

On the other hand, many couples find they are better able to afford the ring of their dreams on their ten year anniversary than they were when they first got married and choose an anniversary ring to replace their existing bands. In this case, you probably want a larger diamond than you chose for your initial engagement and wedding rings. Dara’s Diamonds offers solitaire rings up to 2.5 carats and three stone rings in a variety of styles up to 2.75 carats that make perfect diamond anniversary rings. If you’re shopping for an engagement ring now but know you may want to trade up for a larger, higher-quality stone at an anniversary down the line, Dara’s Diamonds offers a lifetime upgrade policy on our rings that will allow you to put the amount you pay for this ring toward one of our bigger diamond anniversary rings in the future.

If your ten year anniversary is coming up, make the moment truly special with diamond anniversary rings from Dara’s Diamonds. Whether you want to wear the new rings alongside your existing bands or upgrade to the big rock you couldn’t afford when you were younger, our diamond anniversary rings bring affordable quality that’s backed by a lifetime guarantee. Shop our full selection of diamond anniversary rings today to find the one that’s worthy of commemorating a decade of successful love.

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