Designer Engagement RingsHe won your heart the day you met him. You’ve been talking about your future together for months. He even got your parents’ blessing. But there’s still one last question to pop – will he buy you the ring of your dreams? Will it be a designer ring paved with dazzling diamonds? Will it be a rock that compares with the dazzler Richard Burton bought for Liz Taylor back in her Hollywood heyday? Or will it be something a little subtler, yet still breathtaking in its refinement, glamour and carat count?

No matter what kind of ring a woman ends up with, what matters most is that she’s with the man of her dreams. Still though….

Dazzling Designer Dream Rings

Let’s face it; the designer ring of your dreams may not be affordable at this time. That’s reality, and sometimes, reality is just something that has to be faced with as much good cheer as possible. Should you take a gander at some of the fabulous designer diamond engagement rings out there, even though some of them may be out of your price range? The answer is an unqualified, shouted out “Yes!”

There are some gorgeous diamond engagement rings out there, and while realistically, that 1.00 carat Round Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring may be out of reach right now, why not drool a bit over the fire and cut of those incredible stones just for inspiration? While you’re at it, why not peruse some of the other incredible designer pieces that will beautifully complements those gorgeous diamond engagement rings you’ve got your eye on, like those 0.75 Ct. Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings, or that .60 Ct. Round Cut Diamond Solitaire Pendant and Necklace?

Custom Rings from Dara’s Diamonds

The worst case scenario? You find the designer ring of your dreams and have a custom replica made by Dara’s Diamond’s expert staff. At Dara’s, we know a diamond is expected to last a lifetime, so we craft your jewelry with forever in mind. Simply contact our team at 1-888-764-DARA (3272) to discuss your custom order. At Dara’s, you can show us your dream ring, and we’ll put it on your finger.

Your Dream Ring on a Budget

Yes, we understand. You’re in love, and your fiancée is a hardworking guy who’s trying to win your love while staying on a budget. We get it. Still though, why not look around a bit and daydream about some of the gorgeous diamond engagement rings donned by celebrities and royalty alike.  For an affordable version of your favorite designer rings, contact Dara’s Diamonds today.