cushioncutdiamondringsCushion cut diamond engagement rings have long been a favorite of celebrities who are planning a trip down the aisle followed by a messy public divorce. Not to mention, the famously “cursed” Hope Diamond features a cushion cut. But don’t let its questionable history scare you away from one of the most beautiful engagement ring styles on the market.

The Shape

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings feature a stone cut with large facets and rounded corners that evoke a vintage look. In fact, this style was very popular over a century ago before fading into the background during the twentieth century. The twenty-first century, however, has seen this antique look vault upwards in popularity, becoming one of the trendiest engagement ring designs, especially as brides seek a more romantic look. Today, this cut has reached an all time high in its popularity and has even crept up on the once unassailable princess and round brilliant cut diamonds that have dominated the engagement ring market.

A Subtle Glow

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings are generally not quite as firey as other, more modern cuts, because they originate from a time when diamond brilliance was measured by less powerful candlelight. However, the one-of-a-kind glow created by the cushion cut even allows these diamonds to sparkle at night. Because of the large facets, it’s essential that you choose the highest clarity and color rated diamond you can afford, because flaws are easy to detect in a cushion cut. While they can be set in a variety of styles, Cushion cut diamonds are most often surrounded by a halo of smaller brilliant cut diamonds that maximizes the gorgeous vintage style.

Technical Variations

There are a number of technical variations on the cushion cut that can make a significant difference in the way cushion cut diamond engagement rings appear. The two primary types of cushion cuts are the standard cushion cut and the modern modified cushion cut. While the distinctions between the two are quite technical, one thing that an untrained eye can identify fairly easily is the difference between a “chunky” cushion cut and a “crushed-ice” cushion cut. With a chunky cushion cut, the large facets are quite visible when looking directly at the top surface of the diamond. On the other hand, it is difficult to discern the facets of a crushed ice cushion cut, which resembles broken glass or the crushed ice for which it is named when you look directly at it. Both the standard and modified cushion cuts can be done in such a way as to produce either effect, so deciding between the chunky and crushed ice looks is an essential step when searching for cushion cut diamond engagement rings.

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