3 carat diamond engagement ringWhen looking for cheap 3-carat diamond engagement rings, you’ll be quite surprised to know that you can find the perfect ring that will not only express your love and commitment to that special someone, but also provide the brilliance and excellence you expect from a diamond ring.

It’s hard to imagine a 3-carat diamond engagement ring being anything less than expensive. Surprisingly, you can find some of the best deals on diamond engagement rings with a little research and a keen eye.

A direct jewelry manufacturer that offers manufacturer prices can save you money because their merchandise is sold in large quantities. The jeweler is able to offer discounted prices on some of the more sophisticated merchandise because of lower internal costs.

You can find a large collection of rings in different sizes, and stones of all shapes and styles. From emerald to round and from square cut to pear-shaped, the possibilities of finding the ring that speaks most to your love interest are endless.

When you find jewelry that makes cheap 3-carat diamond engagement rings look priceless, you’ll also find the latest styles. Older ring styles are phased out in order to make way for new merchandise. Best of all, you no longer have to wonder if the ring you choose is less than perfect, because a wide selection rings is available and sold at special discounted prices.

With the popularity of round diamonds comes premium pricing. You can find a cheap 3-carat diamond engagement ring by opting for a less popular shape, like an oval, heart or marquise. Fancy shapes often look larger than round diamonds of the same weight because they have a greater surface area.

Under certain lights, fluorescent stones may appear to have a milky-bluish hue, which detracts from its clarity. This slight imperfection can actually lower the price of your diamond engagement ring, while offering the same elegance as a ring with greater clarity.

Trademark cuts are made to diamond engagement rings by brands like Tiffany & Co. or “Leo” in order to maximize the fire and brilliance of a stone. You may pay extra for the name but the quality of the ring can be just as desirable.

With careful planning and a little footwork, you can find a cheap 3-carat diamond engagement ring that looks priceless, while expressing sentiments of romance and adulation at the same time.

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