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Designer Engagement RingsChoosing a Setting

One of the most important considerations to make when looking at designer engagement rings is the type of setting. Therefore, the ideal setting can be represented in one of three ways. A prong setting, which is most frequently used, permits optimal light to enter the gem. You can choose from 3 or more prongs. Naturally, if designer engagement rings are set with more prongs, the gem will stay more secure. However, if you select a setting with fewer prongs, the diamond will receive more light.


Bezel and Tension Settings for Designer Engagement Rings

Some designer engagement rings feature a bezel setting. This setting, which secures the diamond well, also makes the diamond appear larger. For more modern designs, a tension setting for designer engagement rings is frequently used.

Choosing Between Platinum and Gold

When you’re selecting a metal for your designer engagement ring, you’ll appreciate the durability and shine of platinum. Gold, too, is durable and avoids damage well. Both white gold and platinum look very similar. However, platinum is used the most often for contemporary diamond rings. Many brides like pink or yellow gold for their rings as the hues are more traditional. Regardless of the metal color that is chosen though, gold is still gold. Only the alloy elements used in the metal will determine the coloring.

Matching a Ring with Your Fingers and Hand

Once you select a stone and a metal, you’ll want to see how the style matches with your fingers and hands. Designer engagement rings with pronged settings that prominently feature the diamond are good choices if the wearer has long fingers and a large hand. If your fingers are long and thin and your hand is muscular, then thicker rings with a distinctive diamond are a good jewelry choice.

Choosing a Ring for a Shorter or Broader Hand

If you have short and wide fingers, then designer engagement rings that display larger stones are excellent options, provided you choose a bezel or tension setting. Stay away from rings that exhibit pronged settings as the stone will emphasize the width of your fingers. If your fingers are thin and delicate, stick to designer engagement rings that are delicate as well. Don’t select stones that will overpower your fingers or hand.

Review the Dara’s Diamonds Website Today and Make a Selection

You can determine your ideal style by reviewing the selection of diamond jewelry on the Dara’s Diamonds website. Our array of designer engagement rings is made for a variety of preferences and tastes. Find the ring made especially for you today.


The Perfect gift 25 carat three stoneFinding the perfect gift for the one you love can be stressful, to say the very least. After all, how can you proclaim your devotion in a way that’s original, unpredictable, and guaranteed to take her breath away? When choosing a gift, it’s important to consider the occasion and the type of relationship. For instance, if you’re buying a birthday present for your girlfriend of three months, you ideally wouldn’t buy the same type of gift that you would present on a 10th wedding anniversary. But let’s assume that you have the kind of passionate, eternal love that Lord Byron wrote about in his timeless poetry. You can express that kind of love beautifully with a three-stone ring, and at Dara’s Diamonds, we have an unbeatable 0.25-carat three-stone ring selection.

Why Three Stones, Anyway?

Three-stone rings are absolutely stunning, and their sparkling symmetry is guaranteed to make a bold impression in all the right ways, but do you know what the three stones actually symbolize? If you present your true love with a 0.25-carat three-stone ring, you’re telling her that your love is eternal. The three stones represent the past, the present and the future. It’s like saying, “You’re all that matters, you’re all that has ever mattered, and you’re all that will ever matter.” That kind of message is powerful, and she’ll know the moment you slide it gently along her trembling finger.

Types of Three-Stone Rings

At Dara’s Diamonds, our  0.25-carat three-stone ring selection includes classic basket settings, rings with two side diamonds, and a variety of other elegant styles. You’ll notice that many of the rings—like our two-side-diamond rings—feature the largest ring in the center. This is also significant, as it reminds you to fully treasure the time that you have together. In other words, the past and future are ours, but the present moment is what truly matters. There is only the here and now.

These rings are perfect for engagements, weddings and anniversaries. They also make fantastic Valentine’s Day gifts and birthday gifts. If you really want to bring tears to her eyes, you might even surprise her with a shimmering ring for no reason at all except to say “I love you.”

Get Yours Today

If you’re considering buying a 0.25-carat three-stone ring from Dara’s Diamonds, what are you waiting for? Check out our full selection and see what sets us apart from the competition. Most of our rings are more than 50 percent below retail price, and some are even 70 percent below retail. Real, gorgeous jewelry has never been so affordable, and you’ll never find a more perfect gift to show that special someone just how much you care. So shop today and show her just how timeless your love truly is. As Ram Mohan once said, “Fall in love…that is fine, but just make sure you fall deep enough to stay there forever.”


Round Cut diamond engagement ringYour choice of diamond engagement ring can make a bold statement, and people will definitely take notice. It’s very important to select a ring that beautifully and accurately reflects the unique personality and overall essence of the person who will proudly don the shimmering piece of jewelry. The cut is one of the most important distinctions, because the shape and contours of the ring can say more than all of the other attributes combined. For instance, a princess cut projects a sense of royalty and distinction, while a heart shape can indicate that the wearer is a dreamer and a hopeless romantic. But what about a round cut diamond engagement ring?

The Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring – Style and Substance Personified

The round cut diamond engagement ring is one of the oldest and most treasured styles. With its smooth, circular shape and its flawless shimmer, it’s the perfect embodiment of classic, tasteful beauty. It projects a sense of stunning perfection, but without insisting upon itself. The symmetry is sublime, but there are no needless frills to distract from the natural luminosity of the stone. It says that you’re accustomed to the finer things, but you have nothing to prove. To you (or to the recipient of your diamond ring, as the case may be), elegance is an effortless pursuit. You gravitate toward the traditional, but without sacrificing modern class.

Is a Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Right for You?

You have a lot of choices to make when it comes to choosing an engagement ring, but finding the perfect cut is one monumental step in the right direction. If you’re considering a round cut diamond engagement ring for that special someone in your life, consider the person’s personality, tastes, and deepest desires. If she exudes natural beauty without clinging to stylistic eccentricity, the round cut may just be perfect. Just as Audrey Hepburn could radiate ethereal glamor with only a coy smile and a sleeveless evening dress, your true love turns heads with a style that remains regal and elegant through the ages.

Find a Round Cut Engagement Ring from Dara’s Diamonds

Are you ready to find a ring of your very own? At Dara’s Diamonds, we carry thousands of stunning round cut diamond engagement rings in a variety of styles and specifications. Choose your preferred metal, select your ideal carat size and find the perfect ring at a price you can truly afford. At Dara’s Diamonds, many of our rings fall between 50 and 70 percent below retail price, so you can find a truly sensational ring at an unbeatable price. We even offer a lifetime exchange policy, so you can buy with confidence. Check out our full selection, and solidify your love for a lifetime.


It’s time to plan your life-changing wedding proposal, and that means picking out your perfect engagement ring. How many carats do you want? Should the band consist of white gold? Yellow gold? Platinum? What about the color of the stone itself? Maybe you’ll want to select a regal princess cut, in order to show her just how precious she is to you. But here’s an idea: why select one stone when you can get three? A princess cut three-stone diamond engagement ring will give you three times the sparkle and three times the class.

Why Choose a Princess Cut Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring?

A marriage is a lifelong commitment, and if you’re preparing to take this momentous step, you’re making the decision to publicly declare your love and devotion to that special someone. A wedding ring signifies your eternal bond with its circular shape: there is no beginning and no end. In addition, a princess cut three-stone diamond engagement ring takes this notion even further, as the three diamonds represent the past, the present and the future.

princess cut three stoneThree Stones are Better Than One

We could break down the history of diamond engagement rings, and the various cultural traditions that have united lovers for centuries, but frankly, you don’t need to understand all of the symbolism behind diamond rings in order to appreciate the powerful impact they can make. A princess cut three-stone diamond engagement ring is a work of art: the symmetrical contours of each stone, the brilliant reflection of light, the rich color and the dazzling sparkle. Multiply this breathtaking spectacle by three, and you can rest assured that the love of your live will be left breathless when she sees the shimmer of three gorgeous stones staring back at her.

Find Yours Today

Maybe you’re thinking, “Three stones sounds great, but does that mean I have to pay three times the price?” The answer, thankfully, is no. At Dara’s Diamonds, we sell the majority of our stunning three-stone rings at 50 to 70 percent below retail price, so you can purchase a truly fantastic three-stone setting for less than what you would pay for a single stone at your local jewelry store. Don’t believe us? Check out the selection for yourself.

We want you to feel confident about your purchase, and that’s why all purchases include a lifetime exchange policy, lifetime warranty and lifetime maintenance. You’ll also receive an appraisal certificate and a beautiful jewelry gift box. After all, the right presentation can make a huge difference. So browse our wide array of awe-inspiring rings and find the perfect princess cut three-stone diamond engagement ring to solidify your eternal love.


4 cs for diamond engagement ringsShopping for diamond engagement rings? First of all, congratulations. You’re about to embark on a truly life-changing journey that will forever add tremendous meaning to your existence. Now that you’ve made the decision to abandon the single life once and for all, it’s time to select that perfect ring, but if you want to get the best value and make the most informed buying decision, you’re going to need to familiarize yourself with the 4 C’s of diamonds. Maybe you’ve heard about them before: cut, clarity, color and carat. These are the all-important variables that give diamonds their value, and if you don’t know what they mean, it’s time for a crash course.


This is the single most important quality to look for in diamond engagement rings. There are different shapes to choose from, like princess, round, emerald and marquise, but the cut encompasses more than the mere shape. It’s about the overall quality of the workmanship. A poorly cut diamond will appear dull, as it won’t be able to absorb and reflect light as well as an expertly cut stone. When shopping for diamond engagement rings, you may see cuts with ratings like “very good,” “good,” “fair,” and “poor.”


Like all naturally occurring minerals, diamonds have certain inherent flaws. These blemishes, which are known as “inclusions,” can appear as spots, scratches or cloudy discolorations. The fewer inclusions, the higher the clarity rating. Significant inclusions can have a major impact on the diamond’s sparkle, so it’s best to look for diamonds with clarity ratings of SI (Slightly Included), VS (Very Slight), or even VVS (Very, Very Slight).


While a good diamond may look perfectly clear, it will almost always have some degree of coloration. The amount of color is rated on a letter scale. So for instance, colorless diamonds (which are extremely rare, and extremely valuable) are rated D, while slightly colored diamonds may receive a grade of E or F. The higher the letter, the greater the amount of color.


Carat is a unit of weight equal to 200 milligrams. So a 3-carat engagement ring would include a diamond that weighs 600 milligrams. In general, a higher carat count will indicate a larger stone, but there are other factors—like cut—that can influence the weight-to-size ratio.

Shop Today

At Dara’s Diamonds, our diamond engagement rings are some of the most beautiful and affordable that you’ll find online. Just check out the selection, and take advantage of our lifetime exchange policy and lifetime warranty. We offer a wide variety of cuts, and you can choose your preferred carat size. Whether you’re looking for princess cut or round cut, three-stone or solitaire ring, white gold or yellow gold, we have everything you need to make your proposal truly memorable. In addition, all of our rings are third-party appraised, and you will receive an official appraisal certificate with your purchase.

Find your perfect engagement ring today.


peardiamondengagementringsRound and princess cut diamonds have long been the most popular styles chosen for engagement rings, but these days, many people want an engagement ring that stands out from the crowd. Pear diamond engagement rings have grown in popularity because they are a classic style that stands out, expressing a greater amount of individuality. Worn with the pointed end towards the fingernail, a pear cut diamond has a slimming effect on the fingers and can really highlight a great manicure.

The History of Pear Shaped Diamonds

Pear cut diamonds emerged during the Renaissance and are believed to be the creation of the Flemish jeweler, Lodewyk van Berquem, who is credited with a number of diamond advances.

Pear diamond engagement rings were particularly popular during the 1920s to 1960s, but faded into the background in the latter part of the twentieth century. Today, however, the sophistication and glamour that is immediately projected by this beautiful diamond cut is making a comeback.

The Shape

Pear diamonds have a beautiful teardrop shape that is considered a hybrid of the round brilliant and marquise diamond cuts. They are rounded at one end and feature a point at the other. Though there are variations, a pear cut diamond most often features 58 different facets that reflect light and bring out the diamond’s inner fire, offering just as much sparkle as the ever-popular round brilliant cut.

Symmetry is a key element determining a pear shaped diamond’s quality. A pear shaped diamond most often has a length to width ratio of 1.40-1.70. Cuts that fall in the wider end of this range are generally considered to be the best choice for pear diamond engagement rings, while the narrower are preferred for teardrop diamond earrings. When you are ring shopping on a budget, it’s worth noting that pear cut diamonds often carry a cheaper per-carat price tag than similar diamonds in a round brilliant cut. This cut is also excellent for making small diamonds appear larger.

Dara’s Diamonds Sells Beautiful Pear Diamond Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for pear engagement rings, Dara’s Diamonds offers a wide range of pear diamond solitaires appropriate for any budget. Budget brides will absolutely love this .10 carat pear cut diamond solitaire, featuring a simple cut pear diamond that brings stunning yet subtle sparkle to your finger. If you’re looking for a bit more luxury, consider this absolutely brilliant 1.00 carat pear diamond solitaire made from one of our most premium pear cut diamonds. No matter what size diamond you select, the prong setting will hold it in place with a carefully placed prong at the diamond point to protect this cut’s most vulnerable spot. Each ring also comes with your choice of a 14k white or yellow gold, 18k white or yellow gold, or platinum band.

Pear diamond engagement rings provide a unique touch of old-school class and glamour beloved by today’s modern brides. If you’re looking for a pear diamond engagement ring, look no further than Dara’s Diamonds. With more than 150 different pear cut solitaires to choose from, you’re sure to find the right fit for your style and budget.


emeraldcutengagementringsWhile they aren’t quite as popular as round brilliant or princess cut engagement rings, emerald cut engagement rings are one of the most eye-catching styles around. As the name suggests, the emerald cut was originally created for the green gemstone, which often has internal flaws that make it tough to cut. Because of its rectangular shape and stepped design, the emerald cut compensated for these issues while still producing a brilliant gem. After its initial applications on emeralds, the emerald cut eventually began to be used on other stones, including diamonds.

The History of Emerald Cut Rings

It is believed that the first engagement ring was given to Mary of Burgundy by the Archduke Maximillian of Austria in 1477. When the emerald cut entered the arena of engagement rings, it became a choice known for its straightforward elegance. Since that time, emerald cut engagement rings have remained popular with the elite while never becoming fully embraced by the general population. Some of the most famous emerald cut engagement rings of the last century have been worn by Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Angelina Jolie, and Beyonce.

Because the emerald cut is a less popular/classic choice, emerald cut engagement rings are thought to express a strong personality that is both unconventional and timeless. It is a strong style that has long been embraced by many powerful women who were not afraid to buck the trends of their time.

An Elegant Cut

Emerald cut engagement rings have a highly elegant and sophisticated look that differentiates them from other popular styles of diamond rings. While brilliant cut diamond engagement rings have a greater internal fire than emerald cut engagement rings, the emerald cut compensates with a greater level of drama from larger and more intense flashes of light. The open cut is quite unforgiving to flaws, however, so anyone searching for emerald cut engagement rings should be very aware of the quality stone they choose. However, because emerald cut engagement rings are not as popular as round or princess cuts, they are often cheaper, making it easier for people to afford the higher quality required by an open cut. Because they don’t need much depth for powerful light reflection, emerald cut diamonds often appear larger than other cuts of similar weight.

If you are searching for the right engagement ring to express your personality, browse through the selection of diamond rings at Dara’s Diamonds. We have thousands of different engagement rings in solitaire and three stone styles featuring a variety of cuts, sizes, and diamond qualities that make an elegant ring possible on any budget. Our rings are classic styles that will last a lifetime, and each one comes with the lifetime warranty, lifetime maintenance policy, and lifetime upgrade policy you need to make it last a lifetime. If you need any help selecting the perfect diamond, our gemologists are happy to help. As you prepare for the commitment of a lifetime, shop Dara’s Diamonds to find the perfect token to help you seal the deal.


diamondanniversaryringsMost people associate diamond rings with engagements, but the truth is, a diamond ring remains a significant symbol of love and commitment long after you’ve actually tied the knot. Many couples choose to honor the ten year anniversary of their marriage and reaffirm their relationship with diamond anniversary rings.

Options for Your 10 Year Anniversary Diamond

Like other jewelry, diamond anniversary rings come in a variety of designs to suit each individual’s personal style and taste. When you are selecting diamond anniversary rings for your ten year anniversary, the most important thing to consider is whether you want to wear the new ring alongside your existing wedding and engagement bands or use it to replace them entirely. The style of ring you select will greatly vary depending on which of these options you choose.

Adding Diamonds to Your Existing Bands

If you decide to add a diamond to your existing bands, you generally want to look for one that is smaller and thinner than the rings you already have, so it doesn’t overpower your finger. You should look for a ring that matches the style of the ones you already wear in terms of color and cut.

Wearing the Anniversary Ring on Its Own

You also definitely want to choose a smaller stone if you plan to wear the anniversary ring on its own. Eternity diamond anniversary rings, which feature small diamonds around the entire circumference of the ring, are a popular style for this purpose. A small classic three stone ring, like this .5 carat classic basket three stone ring, is also ideal alongside your other rings. The three stone setting is a popular choice for diamond anniversary rings because the three stones symbolize a couple’s past, present, and future.

Replacing Your Existing Bands

On the other hand, many couples find they are better able to afford the ring of their dreams on their ten year anniversary than they were when they first got married and choose an anniversary ring to replace their existing bands. In this case, you probably want a larger diamond than you chose for your initial engagement and wedding rings. Dara’s Diamonds offers solitaire rings up to 2.5 carats and three stone rings in a variety of styles up to 2.75 carats that make perfect diamond anniversary rings. If you’re shopping for an engagement ring now but know you may want to trade up for a larger, higher-quality stone at an anniversary down the line, Dara’s Diamonds offers a lifetime upgrade policy on our rings that will allow you to put the amount you pay for this ring toward one of our bigger diamond anniversary rings in the future.

If your ten year anniversary is coming up, make the moment truly special with diamond anniversary rings from Dara’s Diamonds. Whether you want to wear the new rings alongside your existing bands or upgrade to the big rock you couldn’t afford when you were younger, our diamond anniversary rings bring affordable quality that’s backed by a lifetime guarantee. Shop our full selection of diamond anniversary rings today to find the one that’s worthy of commemorating a decade of successful love.


cushioncutdiamondringsCushion cut diamond engagement rings have long been a favorite of celebrities who are planning a trip down the aisle followed by a messy public divorce. Not to mention, the famously “cursed” Hope Diamond features a cushion cut. But don’t let its questionable history scare you away from one of the most beautiful engagement ring styles on the market.

The Shape

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings feature a stone cut with large facets and rounded corners that evoke a vintage look. In fact, this style was very popular over a century ago before fading into the background during the twentieth century. The twenty-first century, however, has seen this antique look vault upwards in popularity, becoming one of the trendiest engagement ring designs, especially as brides seek a more romantic look. Today, this cut has reached an all time high in its popularity and has even crept up on the once unassailable princess and round brilliant cut diamonds that have dominated the engagement ring market.

A Subtle Glow

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings are generally not quite as firey as other, more modern cuts, because they originate from a time when diamond brilliance was measured by less powerful candlelight. However, the one-of-a-kind glow created by the cushion cut even allows these diamonds to sparkle at night. Because of the large facets, it’s essential that you choose the highest clarity and color rated diamond you can afford, because flaws are easy to detect in a cushion cut. While they can be set in a variety of styles, Cushion cut diamonds are most often surrounded by a halo of smaller brilliant cut diamonds that maximizes the gorgeous vintage style.

Technical Variations

There are a number of technical variations on the cushion cut that can make a significant difference in the way cushion cut diamond engagement rings appear. The two primary types of cushion cuts are the standard cushion cut and the modern modified cushion cut. While the distinctions between the two are quite technical, one thing that an untrained eye can identify fairly easily is the difference between a “chunky” cushion cut and a “crushed-ice” cushion cut. With a chunky cushion cut, the large facets are quite visible when looking directly at the top surface of the diamond. On the other hand, it is difficult to discern the facets of a crushed ice cushion cut, which resembles broken glass or the crushed ice for which it is named when you look directly at it. Both the standard and modified cushion cuts can be done in such a way as to produce either effect, so deciding between the chunky and crushed ice looks is an essential step when searching for cushion cut diamond engagement rings.

If you’re looking for a diamond engagement ring at an affordable price, your search stops at Dara’s Diamonds. We have a wide variety of diamond ring styles perfect for every aesthetic desire and budget. Make your proposal one to remember by purchasing a gorgeous ring from Dara’s Diamonds.


anniversaryrings2As your marriage ages, it’s wonderful to commemorate the love and commitment of your relationship with a beautiful anniversary ring. Today, anniversary rings are a more popular gift than ever to celebrate your successful years of marriage. There are two main ways of wearing anniversary rings: alongside your old wedding and/or engagement rings or instead of the old rings. The style you choose is highly dependent on which way you plan to wear your new ring. Whether you want an upgraded ring or a companion ring, these are some of the most popular styles for anniversary rings.

Micropaved Diamond Band

If you’re looking to wear your anniversary ring at the same time as your original engagement and/or wedding bands, you should look at thin micropaved anniversary rings. These subtly elegant rings feature a thin metal band encrusted with small but glittering diamonds. Eternity rings have diamonds all the way around the entire circumference of the ring. Other diamond bands may have a semicircle of diamonds or are periodically studded with a smaller number of diamonds.

Three Stone with Side Diamonds

One of the most symbolic styles for anniversary rings is a three stone design with a large center diamond and two smaller accent diamonds on the side. This design represents the timelessness and longevity of your relationship, because the center diamond stands for the present of your relationship, while the diamonds on either side represent the past and the future. Dara’s Diamonds has a wide selection of this style of three stone rings, such as this stunning one carat ring featuring three round cut diamonds. Depending on the size of the diamonds chosen, a three stone ring can be worn with your old rings or replace them. For a companion ring, choose very small diamonds on a thin band. For a replacement ring, don’t be afraid to go big. For a variation on this style, consider a classic basket three stone ring with a trio of equally sized diamonds.

Classic Solitaire

If you dreamed of a large classic round brilliant or princess solitaire engagement ring but simply weren’t in a financial position to make it happen when you got married, anniversary rings are the perfect chance to upgrade to the ring you wanted all along. Check out this 2.5 carat round cut solitaire set in your choice of 14k white or yellow gold, 18k white or yellow gold, or platinum. If you purchased your original engagement ring at Dara’s Diamonds, you can even take advantage of our lifetime upgrade policy, which allows you to put the cost of your original ring, less a small restocking fee, towards a new, larger stone.

No matter how many years you’ve been married, anniversary rings are the ideal way to reaffirm your love and commitment to one another. If you’re looking for an anniversary ring, Dara’s Diamonds is your ideal source for high quality diamonds at affordable prices. Shop our full selection of diamond rings to find the anniversary ring that’s perfect for commemorating the success of your relationship.