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Pear Diamond Ring, Why We Love it

The allure and fascination surrounding diamonds is almost universally felt; yet, there’s something particularly irresistible about pear cut diamonds, especially when they’re worn in a pear diamond ring. There’s an opulence to this kind of diamond ring that somehow transcends most other styles. Is it any wonder that some of the world’s most glamorous women like to play up their beauty and show off their taste with pear cut diamond accessories?

Jewelry gems on black background. Pear.A Dash of Hollywood Glitter and Glamour

There’s no question that a pear diamond ring is something to be treasured. This style of ring has been consistently commercially popular over the decades, regardless of changing styles and trends. The beauty of pear cut diamonds has been celebrated in some of the most glamorous films in Hollywood history.

As Marilyn Monroe sang so memorably in her legendary appearance in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, the cut of a diamond adds a great deal to its luster and glamour. After all, “square-cut or pear-shaped, these rocks won’t lose their shape…”  Dripping in glittering pear cut diamond necklaces, bracelets and rings, Marilyn Monroe’s classic song forever tied her iconic fame to the ideals of eternity and beauty associated with diamonds.

The Taylor Burton Pear Diamond Ring

Hollywood had another legendary pear diamond ring: the 69-carat diamond ring Richard Burton bought for Elizabeth Taylor. Burton purchased the ring from Cartier the day after the jewelers acquired it at an auction for the princely sum of $1,050,000.  Liz wore the stunning ring at major Hollywood events and later donated it to help support a hospital in Botswana.

Let’s take a look at some current styles in pear cut diamonds, to see how these glittering gems can add extra glamour to your life.

Solitaire Pear Diamond Rings at Dara’s Diamonds

Dara’s Diamonds offers a line of beautiful pear cut jewelry, including the pear diamond ring featuring a .10-carat diamond in a Solitaire setting. This breathtaking ring comes in white or yellow 14k gold or platinum, making for an incredibly elegant engagement ring.

There’s no question this pear diamond ring is a stunner. It will look beautiful worn with the.10 carat Pear Cut Diamond Solitaire Pendant and Necklace from Dara’s Diamonds. This necklace is available in 14 or 18k white or yellow gold and platinum, and comes in chain lengths ranging from 16 to 20 inches.

There’s not deny that this is a stunning piece; so why not do like Marilyn did, and adorn yourself with a gorgeous pear diamond ring? After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And when they’re pear cut diamonds, they’re friends for life.

How to Identify an Overpriced Cheap Three Stone Ring

diamond ringA Special Keepsake Piece of Jewelry

Because of its versatility, the three stone ring is a popular piece of jewelry. The ring is often given as a promise ring or presented as a gift for an anniversary. It is also a favorite selection for an engagement ring. So, regardless of your reason for wearing the ring, it will prove to be a special keepsake piece of jewelry.

At Dara’s Diamonds, we pride ourselves on offering rings that are both affordable and are extremely high quality. While all of our three stone rings feature high-grade diamonds and stones, there are plenty of overpriced cheap three stone rings on the market today. Therefore, you need to be on the lookout for these kinds of rings at other jewelry retailers.

Look at the Cut

So, how do you know if a three stone ring is a high-quality piece of jewelry or merely an overpriced cheap three stone ring? First, you have to look at the cut of the diamonds or gems in the jewelry. Make sure that the diamonds in the setting are rated from good to excellent. Beware of those retailers who can’t provide you with this information.

Check Out Each Diamond’s Color and Clarity

Another component to consider with respect to value is the color of the diamonds in the setting. A cheap three stone ring will often be denoted by diamonds with more yellowish hues. In addition, it may feature a number of irregularities. These irregularities, while not seen by the naked eye, can affect the rating for a diamond’s clarity. Therefore, many cheap three stone ring selections feature gems that rank low in this respect. This lower rating also affects the overall value of the ring.

Again, the deciding factor in choosing a ring are the cuts of the stones. Therefore, to avoid purchasing a cheap three stone ring, you need to carefully assess the cut and shape of the gems in the setting. The length-to-width ratios of the stones factor heavily into this equation. That’s because diamond makers work diligently to ensure that the diamonds they shape are symmetrically balanced. As a result, the light that is received and reflected by a diamond is an essential consideration. Because particular attention is paid to how a diamond reflects and deflects light, a cheap three stone ring will obviously lack the fire and brilliance of those rings whose value is higher.

Before you make any big diamond purchase, a good way to ensure the quality of the piece is that it has been rated by the Gemological Institute of America, or the GIA.

We Can Help You in Your Diamond Purchase

Fortunately, we at Dara’s Diamonds can authenticate your ring selection and provide you with the documentation that will support your ring’s ratings with respect to cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. You can buy a high-quality diamond at an affordable and reasonable price—visit today to shop our collections!

Mens Rings | The Symbolic Meaning of Each Finger

It’s common knowledge that wearing a ring on the ring finger indicates that one is married or about to be married. That, in all likelihood, explains why the ring finger is called such, and why we don’t give much thought to the meaning behind wearing rings—especially mens rings—on other fingers.

If you’re a cerebral, sophisticated type of male, however, you may be interested in the ring-and-finger symbolism. Whether you’re aware of it or not, where you place your mens rings says something about your personality.


Little Finger

Of all your fingers, the little finger is the most low-profile, and not just because of its size. It’s the finger that’s least likely to interfere with your hand movements, and it also has the least amount of superstitions attached to it.

That’s not to say that wearing mens rings on your little finger says little about you as well. According to palmistry experts, who take influence from the likes of Greek mythology and Chinese philosophy, this finger is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, intelligence, intuition and persuasion. If you have a flashy ring with a moonstone, citrine or amber, wear it on your little finger.

Middle Finger

If you say that you’re “giving someone the finger”, everyone knows which finger you’re talking about.

The middle finger isn’t completely deserving of its negative reputation, though. Many first-time ring wearers place their rings on this finger because it feels comfortable, balanced, and—dare we say it—manly. In fact, the middle finger is associated with Saturn, the planet of balance, justice and introspection.

Index Finger

Next to the thumb, the index finger is the most-used finger, and it’s therefore understandable why most people would rather not wear a ring here. Still, if you wish to display your class ring, fraternal ring, or any other ring of great significance to you, this finger is an appropriate place. Also, a ring worn on the index finger reinforces the planet Jupiter’s qualities of ambition, confidence, leadership and spirituality.


Outside America, wearing a ring on the thumb is surprisingly common. If you wear mens rings on this finger, it’s a sign that you’re a man of great wealth and influence. Thus, thumb rings tend to have bold—but not loud—designs and thick bands to fit an equally thick finger.

The thumb is the only finger without a god/planet associated with it. However, in ancient times, it was used as a gauge of someone’s character. Straight thumbs indicated a strong personality, while crooked thumbs indicated an equally crooked person.

Ring Finger

According to ancient tradition, the left hand ring finger has a vein called the “Vena Amoris” (Vein of Love) directly connected to the heart, which is why married couples wear their wedding bands on this finger. Also, Apollo—the representation of creativity and beauty—is said to rule the ring finger. Though scientists have long disproven the existence of the Vein of Love, modern-day couples still believe in the power of wearing a wedding band on this finger.

Do you share these beliefs on mens rings? Whether your answer is a “Yes” or “No”, you can head over to Dara’s Diamonds for rings and other jewelry that match your needs. Just call us at 888-764-3272 or e-mail for more details!

3 Carat Diamond Ring Found in Arkansas

When you’re searching for a 3 carat diamond ring, the last place you’d check is a state park. Yet that’s precisely what 14-year-old Tana Clymer did—and she succeeded!

On October 19, the Oklahoma teen’s family was on a visit to Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds State Park, when Tana decided to try her luck in the search field. After two hours, she saw something glinting in the ground.


God’s Jewel

“I thought it was a piece of paper or foil from a candy wrapper,” Tana said. “Then, when I touched it, I thought it was a marble. I think God pointed me to it. I was about to sprint to join my family, and God told me to slow down and look. Then, I found the diamond!”

Tana’s extraordinary find was shaped like a tear drop and small enough to fit a 3 carat diamond ring, and it is known as a “canary gem” for its yellowish hue. The teen called it “God’s Jewel”.

The park’s assistant superintendent Bill Henderson said, “(Tana’s diamond) is very similar to the gem-quality, 4.21-carat canary diamond found at the Crater of Diamonds by Oklahoma State Trooper Marvin Culver of Nowata, Oklahoma, on March 12, 2006, a gem he named the Okie Dokie Diamond.”

“Tana told me that she was so excited, she couldn’t sleep last night. She’s either going to keep the diamond for a ring, or, if it’s worth a lot, she’ll want that for college,” Henderson added.

Tana wasn’t the only youngster to make a significant find in the park this year. Last July, a 12-year-old boy from North Carolina found a 5.16 carat diamond, which he named “God’s Glory Diamond”.

About Crater of Diamonds State Park

In an interview with National Geographic, park interpreter Waymon Cox said that visitors get to keep their finds, as long as they pay the entry fee of $7 for adults and $4 for kids aged 6-12. Equipment rentals come with additional charges.

Cox also explained the possible reason behind the abundance of gems worthy of a high-quality 3 carat diamond ring in the park: “There was a volcanic eruption about 100 million years ago that created an 83-acre crater here. That eruption brought rocks and minerals from the Earth’s mantle to the surface, and over time erosion has removed a lot of the lighter soil and left behind the heavier stuff, including diamonds and other gemstones.”

“Geologists had suspected there might be diamonds because the soil looked greenish, which meant it was a kind of volcanic soil called lamporite tuff, similar to the soil of diamond fields in South Africa.”

The Crater of Diamonds State Park is currently the world’s only diamond-producing site accessible to the public. Since 1906, park visitors have found gems like agate, amethyst, barite, calcite, garnet, jasper, peridot, quartz, and the Strawn-Wagner Diamond, which is famous for being the world’s only perfect diamond ever discovered.

“God’s jewel” is the 396th diamond found in the park in 2013.

Buy a 3 Carat Diamond Ring from Dara’s Diamonds Today

Luckily, you don’t have to go all the way to Arkansas to find an item of value. Even if you do live in Arkansas, you can still log on to Dara’s Diamonds website and buy a ready-to-wear 3 carat diamond ring from the comfort of your home. To get more information on our products, you can call (888) 764-DARA (3272) or e-mail

Unique Engagement Rings

Unique Engagement Rings

Since almost everyone who gets married receives an engagement ring of some sort, it presents both a traditional practice and an opportunity to stand out. You want to choose a ring that you will be honored to wear forever, and it can be fun to choose something a little more unique.

Colored Stones

The clear diamond is by far the most traditional stone for an engagement ring but it also the most common. If you have confidence in your bold sense of style, you might want to choose a different colored diamond for a more unique engagement ring. The gemstones come in a wide variety of colors, and all are beautiful in their own ways. Think of how unique your ring could be if you’re the one person in town who can pull of a black diamond in their engagement ring.

Band Choices

A great way to get a unique wedding ring is to find something vintage, but since diamond rings are usually passed down through the family, it can be a little harder to come across good ones. If you can conduct your search with a bit of a creativity, however, you can find a vintage ring band that can be repurposed and fitted with a brand new diamond of your choice. Then you have something individual with some history in it that still stands out with a bit of your own personality and choice retained in it.

Unique Diamond Cuts and Layouts

Engagement ring styles go through trends just as everything else does, but there are some cuts and shapes that are more popular than others. Try something a little less ordinary, such as a sideways oval shape instead of a teardrop. You may even think about a ring that has an elaborate wave design in the band to house the stone, for example. If you’re open to having multiple stones on the same band, you can even do different or alternating stone cuts and diamonds of different sizes.

Design Your Own

Perhaps the most unique way to end up with a distinctive engagement ring is to design your own ring from top to bottom. There are many ways to be unique and keep your engagement ring design elegant and timeless. Think of your favorite existing stone and band ideas, sketch out some of your own dream creations, and then mix and match to find your dream ring. This is also a great opportunity to inscribe a secret message on the inside of the ring band for only you and your loved one to know. The ring will be around for a very long time, and you want it to feel like an extension of you and your marriage, so it should be comfortable and beautiful.

Everything You Need To Know About Promise Rings

The thought of promise rings certainly rings up some old memories for many people. They may have traditional roots, but we firmly believe that promise rings can still have a place in anyone’s life.

Promise Rings in Tradition

Promise rings are often used amongst people of all ages who may feel too young to get married, but still want to express their commitment to each other. They are also used sometimes for younger people who making a vow to celibacy until marriage. These ways are great but they can also be used as a fun precursor to your real engagement ring with a beauty all its own.

Amongst Couples

In relationships, a promise ring is often given in lieu of (or as a pre-step) to an engagement ring. It does not necessarily mean that an engagement is on the way, but the ring giver is making a profound statement that they’re not going anywhere. The recipient is acknowledging this and agreeing to it. This is common amongst the age groups that are too young to actually get married, but it can be a fun way to show a commitment in adulthood as well.

The Style

When you’re searching for a promise ring, keep in mind that it might not specifically be advertised as one. Really you have every type of ring to choose from. It’s usually going to be more modest than an official engagement ring, so look for small diamonds, or even bands with diamonds on them that look a little more casual and less official than an engagement ring.

How It Is Worn

Of course, how you wear a promise ring is a personal preference decision, but there are some ways that are more traditional than others. A promise ring does not necessarily have to be worn on the engagement ring finger, since it is not an official engagement ring. Sometimes people wear it on the ring finger of their right hand to signify that it’s significant in its own way, and some people put them on their left middle finger so it can be close to their engagement finger. If a promise ring is outgrown or doesn’t match your other ring styles after a period of time, it can be strung onto a necklace and stay just as meaningful with its close presence to the heart.

For Both Men and Women

A promise ring does not have to be exclusive to women. A man might enjoy a promise ring as well, much in the way that he would enjoy wearing his own engagement band on his wedding day. In most cases, it is a more modest ring, so it will be a less expensive purchase as well. Some are bands with jewels on them, but many others are simple thin bands lined with diamonds or even plain silver. Since they come in such basic forms, a man could easily fit the accessory into his day-to-day life and have a constant reminder of his love.
For promise rings and other jewelry, Dara’s Diamond’s has the perfect selection of rings to choose from to express your commitment and love.


CheapEngagementRingsAn engagement ring is not only a representation of love and commitment, but also an accessory that will be around for a very long time and worn very frequently, if not at all times. Choosing how much to invest and how much to save on relatively cheap engagement rings is a personal decision that should be thought out carefully. You don’t want to skimp on it if you don’t have to, but there is always the option of cutting corners if it’s necessary in your current financial situation.

Cutting Corners on Your Ring Purchase

If you’re cutting corners on the stone itself, whatever you do, don’t buy a fake diamond. If necessary, you could get a whole other stone altogether, but it should still be a nice precious stone, not a cubic zirconia or a lab-created diamond she already owns in half of her casual (and replaceable) jewelry collection. The way to cut corners with the stone for cheap engagement rings is either through the size of the diamond, or through the cut and clarity. If you opt for a lower grade diamond, you can still find one that looks impressive in size but is lesser in internal cut quality.


If you decide to do something along the lines of choosing a small or lower quality cut, the ring can always be replaced or upgraded later. In fact, many couples like to celebrate by switching out the diamond in their once-cheap engagement rings with a larger one as an anniversary gift. As a couple grows, their financial situation often grows as well, and the added stability over the long term makes an upgraded diamond or ring seem more appropriate.

No-No’s in Cutting Corners

If you’re planning for the potential in your future of upgrading the stone, don’t skimp on the band itself, as it should be able to be successfully re-fit for the new stone. You also do not want to go to a cheap jeweler who might do a poor job of setting the stone—you might end up with an unhappy wife with a missing diamond. And by all means, don’t attempt to get a ring that’s just a band without the diamond. The diamond is the classic and very significant part of the ring and should be treated as such.

Shop Around at Dara’s Diamonds

Choosing the person you want to spend the rest of your life with in marriage is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make, so the decisions around the ring shouldn’t be taken lightly either. Once you do your research, don’t be afraid to shop around at different retailers and ask advice from a variety of experts, so that even if you’re browsing for cheap engagement rings, you’ll feel comfortable and confident with your choice.

Dara’s Diamonds is committed to bringing quality, high-end diamond engagement rings to meet a variety of styles and budgets. Start shopping today.



Designer Engagement RingsHe won your heart the day you met him. You’ve been talking about your future together for months. He even got your parents’ blessing. But there’s still one last question to pop – will he buy you the ring of your dreams? Will it be a designer ring paved with dazzling diamonds? Will it be a rock that compares with the dazzler Richard Burton bought for Liz Taylor back in her Hollywood heyday? Or will it be something a little subtler, yet still breathtaking in its refinement, glamour and carat count?

No matter what kind of ring a woman ends up with, what matters most is that she’s with the man of her dreams. Still though….

Dazzling Designer Dream Rings

Let’s face it; the designer ring of your dreams may not be affordable at this time. That’s reality, and sometimes, reality is just something that has to be faced with as much good cheer as possible. Should you take a gander at some of the fabulous designer diamond engagement rings out there, even though some of them may be out of your price range? The answer is an unqualified, shouted out “Yes!”

There are some gorgeous diamond engagement rings out there, and while realistically, that 1.00 carat Round Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring may be out of reach right now, why not drool a bit over the fire and cut of those incredible stones just for inspiration? While you’re at it, why not peruse some of the other incredible designer pieces that will beautifully complements those gorgeous diamond engagement rings you’ve got your eye on, like those 0.75 Ct. Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings, or that .60 Ct. Round Cut Diamond Solitaire Pendant and Necklace?

Custom Rings from Dara’s Diamonds

The worst case scenario? You find the designer ring of your dreams and have a custom replica made by Dara’s Diamond’s expert staff. At Dara’s, we know a diamond is expected to last a lifetime, so we craft your jewelry with forever in mind. Simply contact our team at 1-888-764-DARA (3272) to discuss your custom order. At Dara’s, you can show us your dream ring, and we’ll put it on your finger.

Your Dream Ring on a Budget

Yes, we understand. You’re in love, and your fiancée is a hardworking guy who’s trying to win your love while staying on a budget. We get it. Still though, why not look around a bit and daydream about some of the gorgeous diamond engagement rings donned by celebrities and royalty alike.  For an affordable version of your favorite designer rings, contact Dara’s Diamonds today.


wedding rings for womenChoosing a wedding ring for the woman in your life can be a daunting task – especially when it’s supposed to be a surprise. As if getting up the courage to pop the question isn’t hard enough, picking out a ring can cause even the most confident soon-to-be-fiance to panic. You can find great wedding rings for women in a wide range of styles. By carefully choosing the cut, setting and metal band, you can make the most of your budget to get maximum impact at a price you can afford.

Match Her Style

While serving as a symbol of your commitment and love, a wedding ring should reflect the bride-to-be’s personality and individual style. Is your girl classic and traditional, or does she tend towards things that are more modern and contemporary? Pay attention to the clothes and jewelry she wears now. Take clues from how she decorates her place, her favorite colors and even the kind of purse she carries.

Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat

Cut refers to how a diamond reflects light, giving it brilliance. Color determines a diamond’s sparkle, with the least amount of color giving off the most “fire.” Clarity refers to flaws on the surface of a diamond or within it. Carats measure the diamond’s weight. You don’t have to pay for stones at the top of the rating scale to get wedding rings for women that look fantastic. No naturally formed diamond is perfect, and many flaws are only visible with powerful magnification. Most stones in the middle range of the color scale will look virtually colorless to the naked eye. Buying at or above the mid-range of the rating scale can get you a bigger, quality diamond for your money.

The Solitaire

This style is a time-tested classic and is the most consistently popular style of wedding rings for women. The focus is on one big, high-quality diamond set by itself on a simple, clean-lined metal band. The shape of the stone can reflect her personality. A traditional round cut, the most popular diamond in America, reflects more light than any other shape. The princess (square) cut gives a more modern flair, while a marquis (a football-shaped cut) conveys an adventurous style. A pear-shaped diamond gives off the fire of a round stone, but in a unique way.

Three-Stone Rings

Three-stone wedding rings for women are attention grabbers. A basket setting perches three stones of the same size on prongs to allow maximum light to flow through and around them to maximize their brilliance. Three-stone rings featuring two small side diamonds set around a larger center stone are a smart way to save money without sacrificing impact. They often cost less and make the center stone look even bigger than it actually is.

Metal Matters

The most common metals for wedding rings for women are white or yellow gold.  While platinum and its less expensive alternative, white gold, have dominated the market for years, a move back to traditional yellow gold is starting to trend.

Dara’s Diamonds offers a wide selection of affordable diamond rings with more than 2,000 choices, in both solitaire and three-stone styles. Each of our diamonds is rigorously inspected to ensure authenticity, cut, clarity, color, and carat. In addition, we make sure to use only conflict-free diamonds from sources that comply fully with United Nations regulations. Your Dara’s Diamonds purchase includes a third-party appraisal certificate to ensure your confidence in the value of your ring. We’ll also provide a lifetime warranty and free ring maintenance and cleaning once a year.


Online Jewelry2Selecting a diamond for an engagement ring setting is a very personal process. At Dara’s Diamonds, we are very specific about the standards we set for the shape, color, clarity, and carat weight of all of our diamond jewelry. Not only do we offer customers an exceptional array of traditional,  round-styled diamonds, we also feature a number of other popular styles, all which reflect premium ratings with respect to color and clarity.

Types of Diamond Cuts

Because diamond shapes vary, it’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of diamond cuts, so you are better informed when you select a shape for an engagement ring setting. Diamonds for engagement rings settings are typically round. However, you can also customize the look with such solitaires as:

  • The princess cut
  • The emerald
  • The Asscher design
  • The marquise
  • The oval
  • The pear
  • The cushion
  • The heart-shaped diamond

The Round Cut Diamond: A Popular Design

Again, the round-cut diamond is frequently used in an engagement ring setting as well as for pendants for necklaces. For over a span of a century, diamond cutters have worked on enhancing the brilliance and fire displayed by the round-cut diamond. Studying the characteristics of light and applying precision calculations has enabled gemologists to balance out the color, cut and clarity of the round-shaped stone.

The Princess Cut Diamond: A Frequent Selection for an Engagement Ring Setting

The princess cut diamond, which is considered to be close in popularity to the round-cut diamond, is typically used the most often in an engagement ring setting. Exhibiting pointed corners and a traditional square shape, the princess cut stone has a length-to-width ratio of 1 to 1.05. If you want your princess cut diamond to look more rectangular, then select a gem with a length-to-width ratio over 1.10 for your engagement ring setting.

Length-to-width Ratio: An Important Factor

The length-to-width ratio is an important factor to consider, whatever cut you ultimately choose for your engagement ring setting. Therefore, follow the length-to-width ratio guidelines below when selecting specific cuts:

  • Emerald cuts – 1.30 to 1.40
  • Asher cut diamonds 1.00 to 1.05
  • Marquise cut diamonds – 1.75 to 2.25
  • Oval shapes – 1.33 to 1.66
  • Radiant cuts – 1 to 1.05 for a more square shape and over 1.10 for a more rectangular shape
  • Pear shapes – 1.45 to 1.75
  • Cushion cuts – 1.05 to 1.10 for a more square cut and over 1.15 for a more rectangular look
  • Oval cuts – 1.33 to 1.66
  • Heart shapes – .90 to 1.10

Contact Us with Your Questions

If you’re currently shopping for an engagement ring setting then we, at Dara’s Diamonds, invite you to contact us with any of your questions. We can easily be reached by phone at 1-888-764-DARA (3272) Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PST. You can also contact us by email at