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Choosing A Diamond Pendant

Gioiello in oro bianco con diamantiA well-chosen diamond pendant is an incredible asset to a woman’s overall look and style. Not only is it a glamorous addition to her wardrobe, a diamond pendant is also classic and versatile. Whether it’s an elegant evening gown or a crisp white blouse worn with jeans and high heeled sandals, this elegant piece is always the right choice.

Let’s take a look at what goes into choosing the right style of diamond pendant, and how it can be worn to best show off its luster.

Choices, Choices

Choosing the right diamond pendant involves considerations of personal taste and lifestyle. The right pendant should coordinate well with your wardrobe and be appropriate for the activities and occasions you often attend.

Color is also a consideration, as most pendants come in a choice of white or yellow gold or platinum. Though all these metals are beautiful, there may be times when a certain metal tone is more appropriate.

Take a look at your wardrobe and what’s in your jewelry box. Do pieces in yellow gold predominate, or are there more pieces in white gold, platinum and silver? Gold jewelry wears beautifully with warmer, darker skin tones, while white gold and platinum are gorgeous with cooler skin tones or fair skin. Still, it’s okay to play with different color choices depending on your mood, as well as the ensemble the pendant is being worn with. Ultimately, if the piece dazzles and plays off the cut and color of an outfit, it’s absolutely the right choice.

Choosing the Right Cut and Style

Dara’s Diamonds has an incredible selection of diamond pendants and necklaces in a variety of cuts and styles. These necklaces all feature shimmering diamonds that are expertly cut to show off their fire and clarity to maximum effect.

The .10 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Pendant and Necklace is a gorgeous piece of jewelry that features a dazzling Princess cut diamond in a prong set in a choice of 14k white or yellow gold or platinum. The regal cut and setting make it a perfect choice for a scoop neckline dress or a silk blouse with a high collar. This necklace can be beautifully matched with a princess cut diamond ring for a look that will certainly turn heads.

The .10 Carat Round Cut Diamond Solitaire Pendant and Necklace is a delicate piece ideal for a more feminine ensemble, perhaps in pink and lace. Even adorning a simple silk tee shirt, this necklace dazzles with sheer elegance. Add an extra bit of dazzle by accessorizing with stacked diamond and white gold rings or diamond bracelets to heighten this glamorous look.

Shop the Collections at Dara’s Diamonds

When it’s time to choose a necklace that shows you off at your finest, choose one of the diamond pendants from Dara’s Diamonds. These pendants are beautifully crafted in shimmering white or yellow gold, and set with delicately cut diamonds that shine with incredible clarity. Whether you choose a marquise-cut, round-cut, Princess or pear cut diamonds, we offer only the most high-end diamonds and jewelry in our collections.

Accessorizing With a Diamond Pendant Necklace

Silver heart pendant necklace, Isolated on whiteWhen we talk about accessories, we’re talking in rather general terms about adding something to increase the value or beauty of our overall look. An accessory might be a new silk designer handbag, pink leather gloves, a faux lizard skin hot pink clutch, or perhaps a dazzling diamond pendant necklace.

For the most part, accessories come and go with the tides of trend; however, a really gorgeous, beautifully cut and crafted diamond pendant necklace is the kind of piece that maintains enduring value. Beautiful diamond jewelry always makes for a gorgeous accent piece to whatever clothing or hairstyle a woman is wearing.

How should a woman accessorize with a diamond pendant necklace? There are a few factors to consider when accessorizing with a pendant, such as the diamond’s cut and the length and type of gold in the chain. Let’s explore a few ideas for wearing a diamond pendant necklace to optimal effect.

The Pendant as Plunging Neckline Accessory

Necklaces like the .10 Carat Pear Cut Diamond Solitaire Pendant and Necklace is a piece that’s made to be worn with a plunging neckline. The shape of the pear cut diamond lends itself to this kind of neckline, making for a slightly risqué yet classy look. These necklaces come in lengths of 16, 18 or 20 inches. We recommend going with a longer length to highlight that “plunging” look.

Highlighting the Neck and Collarbone

A shorter style diamond pendant necklace is a beautiful accessory for showing off the area at the base of the neck, at the collarbone. This is a lovely way to accessorize with a pendant necklace, especially a Round Cut Diamond Solitaire Pendant and Necklace. A round cut diamond is ideally worn in a shorter length, and it’s a style that will draw attention to a woman’s neck and face. This style is perfect for an evening out—it’s a truly elegant piece of jewelry.

Choosing the Right Colors

The other consideration when accessorizing with a diamond pendant necklace, beyond the type of diamond and its cut, is the type of metal setting. Many of the pendants at Dara’s Diamonds are crafted in yellow or white gold. Both colors are beautiful, but the choice of what color of metal to choose really comes down to skin color and the outfit you’re matching. Experiment with a few color combinations with white or yellow gold before deciding on a pendant to ensure you have the most flattering, dazzling look possible.

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When it’s time to choose the right accessory, what’s important is to choose a piece that really adds to a woman’s overall style and beauty. Dara’s Diamonds has an extensive selection of high-end diamonds and jewelry to suit every woman.

Making Sure Your Round Diamond Pendant Shines

jewelry setA Versatile Piece of Jewelry

When you’re selecting a round diamond pendant, you have to consider the clarity, color, and carat size of the gem. A pendant of this style is probably one of the most versatile types of jewelry, as it can be paired with casual clothes as well as more formal fashions.

Pendants featured today come in traditional colorless styles as well as in such hues as pink, yellow, blue, and purple. You can even find some round diamond pendant offerings featured in black or red. The scarlet diamond can be quite valuable due to its rarirty.

The Color Rating System

When a solitaire or round diamond is graded for color, it’s measured on a rating scale that ranges from D to Z. Colorless diamonds are rated D to F, while diamonds with a tinge of a yellow hue are ranked from S to Z. Diamonds that are almost colorless are rated G to J.

A perfect round diamond pendant then is considered colorless. Because impurities in a diamond will shade the stone, only colorless diamonds, or those rated from D to F, are thought to be completely unblemished and therefore perfect. However, that doesn’t mean that a diamond tinged in yellow, blue, purple, or black is not valuable. Those imperfections can boost the worth of a diamond, especially if the color is not considered one that is worn that frequently.

The Carat Weight of the Stone

The carat weight for a round diamond or another type of cut stone also denotes the stone’s value too. The heavier the carat weight, the more expensive the gem. In addition, the carats of a diamond are denoted by points. For example, if a round diamond pendant is 200 points, it has a carat weight of 2 carats. Or, if its points are equal to 100, then the pendant’s weight is one carat. The more a diamond weighs, the better its brilliance and detailing. Therefore, a larger round diamond pendant will convey more shine than a lighter-weight diamond piece of jewelry.

Grading a Diamond: Why Cut is Important

A diamond that is precision-cut will display more luminosity or brilliance. The grader of a diamond then will look at the stone’s symmetry and sizing when rating the gem for its quality. When the facets of a diamond are in proportion, the diamond notably glistens and sparkles more. So, even if a round diamond ranks high with respect to its color, carat weight and clarity, it still won’t shine like it should if the cut is poor.

The round cut diamond pendant is a most popular style and complements round cut diamond engagement rings. Therefore, when you’re making your selection of a diamond jewelry, make sure the gemstone is precision-cut. That’s the most important factor in making sure your gem sparkles and stands out.

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The solitaire diamond pendant is as classic as it is versatile. When conveyed as a simple, yet beautiful diamond, the pendant is an enduring piece of jewelry. The traditional solitaire diamond pendant typically displays a round-cut stone in a four-pronged setting on a gold, silver, or platinum chain.

Choosing a Solitaire Pendant: The Criteria

When selecting a solitaire pendant, you’ll want to ensure the following:

  • The diamond should rate well with respect to color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.
  • The diamond setting should meet with your fashion accessory needs.

Questions to Ask

  • Does the pendant feature a sliding bale for the necklace?
  • What is the design?
  • What type of precious metal is used for the setting and chain?

The Cut of the Diamond is More Important than Its Color, Clarity, or Size

When selecting a solitaire diamond pendant, the cut is the most essential consideration. That’s because the cut and shape of the diamond will determine the stone’s fire and brilliance. Therefore, make sure that the cut of the solitaire diamond pendant you choose is rated as good to excellent.

Solitaire Diamond PendantDiamond Color

Next in line in importance is the color. To make sure you’re receiving a high-rated diamond, it should be ranked at least F or G. If you want a perfect diamond, then look for a stone that is rated D or E. Precious metals, such as platinum or white gold, enhance a white diamond’s appearance while rose or yellow gold will downplay the hue.

Diamond Clarity

The clarity of a solitaire diamond pendant is less important than its cut and color. Clarity is rated on a scale that contains six categories and is specified, for grading purposes, under the following classifications:

  • Flawless (FL) – the diamond has no blemishes or inclusions, when it is viewed under 10x magnification.
  • Internally Flawless (IF) – No inclusions can be seen under 10x magnification.
  • Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS2).
  • Very Slightly Included (VS1 or VS2).
  • Slightly Inlcuded (SI1 or SI2).
  • Included (I1, I2, or I3).

Inclusions or Irregularities

The inclusions that appear in a diamond result from trapped crystals. The irregularities develop during the formation of the stone. Although two different grades of diamonds can look the same when one views them with the naked eye, their value can be quite different when they are magnified.

Diamond Size

When you’re shopping for a solitaire diamond pendant, you also have to consider its size. Naturally, a solitaire diamond pendant with a bigger diamond will be more expensive. However, that doesn’t mean that the diamond is necessarily better. Because the cut of the diamond determines the gem’s fire and brilliance, you want to concentrate on the diamond’s shape before anything else.

Take a Look at the Dara’s Diamonds Website

Make a selection for a solitaire diamond pendant here on the Dara’s Diamonds website. Now that you have a basic understanding of diamonds, you’ll be better able to make a decision with regards to your diamond choice.


DiamondNecklaceDiamondEarringWhen you want to feel truly beautiful, accessorizing with jewelry is a wonderful option. Let’s face it, sapphires may glitter and topaz may glow, but there’s nothing that highlights your sense of personal style like diamonds. When gorgeous is the look you’re going for, you can’t get any better than real diamonds.

Now that you’ve decided on a new necklace or an exquisite pair of drop earrings, you’ll really need to study how to accessorize with your new diamonds. Where should you start? Let’s take a look at a few strategies that can help you master the art of looking great and knowing how to accessorize with your new diamonds.

Adding That Attention-Getting Element

Diamonds are an accessory that never, ever goes out of style. The timeless quality of diamonds, whether they be icy white, glowing pink or deep chocolate, is one of the things that makes them so utterly wonderful as a fashion statement. The intense beauty of diamonds always adds an incredible highlight to an outfit, whether the look is daytime professional or evening chic. When you’re ready to really heighten a look, knowing how to accessorize with your new diamonds is a talent that can’t be understated. When you want to make sure all eyes are turned your way, diamonds are an attention-getting touch that always sets just the right tone.

Choosing Looks for Daytime

Diamonds for daytime? Of course! Diamonds work beautifully with professional attire; the key is to know how to accessorize with your new diamonds in a way that allows the jewelry to heighten your looks without being inappropriate or distracting. It all comes down to matching the jewelry to the clothing.

Daytime/office attire generally calls for jewelry that is slender and subtle. When reviewing the new diamonds in your collection, look for pieces that lend themselves to the type of dress you’ll be wearing at a professional function. A slender chain with a diamond pendant or a sleek silver rope encrusted with diamonds is a great choice. Slender bracelets and small diamond stud earrings also create a subtle effect that adds to the overall glamour of your image. These types of designs look lovely with an open collar blouse or a scoop next silk tee and blazer. The addition of these sparkling gems brings on the perfect touch of understated elegance.

Going Glam for Evening Wear

When you’re planning a look for a special date or cocktail party, knowing how to accessorize with your new diamonds is especially critical. If the new diamonds in your collection are large and glitzy, you’ll want to choose a monochromatic look that flatters while drawing attention to your glittering earrings and icy white diamond necklace. A scoop neck, sleeveless sheath dress in black is a classic look. Dress it up with long black gloves and stiletto heels for a high glamour look that can’t be beat.

Ultimately, the key to knowing how to accessorize with your new diamonds is to draw all the attention to YOU.

Find your perfect diamonds today at Dara’s Diamonds. We take great care to provide the perfect diamond accessories for every occasion, and you can always find the best prices. Shop today!