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Gold-Diamond-Earring-StudsA combination of factors – the occasion, your hairstyle, face shape, clothing style and color, and even eye color help define what jewelry will flatter you and make you look your best. It’s no wonder celebrities employ stylists to help them dazzle in the spotlight.

Gold diamond earrings provide a double dose of elegance. The dazzle of diamonds and luster of gold will draw attention not only to your earlobes, but to your hairstyle and face.

Wear gold diamond earring with neutral colors to accentuate the stone’s sparkle. Solid, conservative colors like ivory, taupe, white, black, gray and beige will set off the stone’s glimmer and your best features. Wear a black pantsuit, little black dress or white blouse with neutral color skirt with gold diamond earrings. Black clothing emphasizes gold jewelry’s warm tones.

Jewel tones complement gold diamond earrings with their vibrant sparkle. Lilac or purple outfits bring out the dazzle of your gold diamond hoop, stud or drop earrings. Burgundy, emerald green, deep blues and other dark jewel tones will draw attention to your gold diamond earrings. Olive green and rose gold are softer, harmonizing colors to wear with gold jewelry. When wearing print shirts or dresses, look for a stylish combination of the previous colors to balance your earrings. Tasteful drop or chandelier gold diamond earrings complement jeans and white silk blouse and will give you a boho chic look perfect for an informal night out on the town.

If you like to wear more than one type of jewelry, keep it simple and place the accent only on your best piece. Don’t mix and match metal jewelry. If you’re wearing gold diamond earrings, wear necklaces, bracelets or accessories with gold or gold tones. A combination of silver and gold jewelry will clash and draw attention away from your gold diamond earrings and other features you want to highlight. If you tend to wear out jewelry easily, choose a lower karat gold diamond earring. Lower karat gold earrings are harder and more resistant.

If you like wearing stacked bracelets along with your earrings, a few thin gold or bronze-toned pieces will work well – just avoid heavy or ornate styles. It’s best to layer bracelets and/or necklaces with causal clothes, like jeans and a blouse. If you’re layering other jewelry, stick to gold diamond stud earrings or you may look like a pirate.

Dara’s Diamond’s has several stylish but elegant gold diamond earrings to match your favorite outfit. Our 0.33 karat D-FL round count diamond stud gold earrings are available in your choice of 14 or 18K yellow gold. (We also offer them in 14K or 18K white gold). These dazzling earrings come with a gift box and an appraisal for retail price from an outside jeweler to guarantee you top quality. Our diamond earring prices may be as much as 73% off retail price, but we only use high grade diamonds, metals and settings, giving you luxury jewelry for less. Browse our full inventory, and call us to learn more about our latest gold diamond earrings and other dazzling jewelry.


roundcutJewelry trends change from year to year just like fashion trends. While the differences in earring styles every season may be subtle, they can make a big difference in your appearance. Trying to keep up with the latest outrageous hoop earrings or gemstone-heavy chandelier earrings may prove disastrous to your ensemble and even to your pocketbook. Before you spend money on the latest earrings pictured in your favorite fashion magazine, take a look at today’s best diamond stud earrings for women. Diamond stud earrings have a timeless appeal and are available in many designs. You can pick and choose the weight of the diamonds, the metal used as a backing and the backing style (screw or post) to create your own unique fashion statement.

Round Diamond Studs

Round diamond stud earrings are a can’t-miss look for women of all ages. The brilliant round cut is by far the most popular diamond stud earring style. We offer round diamond stud earrings for women in hundreds of clarity, cut and color varieties to suit your style and budget. For the budget-conscious buyer, our 0.25 carat D-I1 Round Cut Diamond Earrings give you high-gloss diamond quality at a competitive price. Paired with a 14K gold metal finish at no extra charge, these earrings give you an inexpensive way to treat yourself or surprise a loved one. If you’ve got a bit more money to spend, our 0.50 carat round cut F-S12 round cut diamond stud earrings are colorless and have small, virtually undetectable inclusions in the stones.

Princess Cut Studs

Princess cut stud earrings are square and have pointed corners and are our second best-seller next to round stud earrings. Choose our 1.00 carat FI1 Princess Cut Stud Earrings, which are colorless with some inclusions visible under magnifications. Princess cut stones ensure a slightly better quality than the similar emerald cut diamonds.

Heart Shaped Diamond Stud Earrings

You can find non-traditional diamond stud earrings for women in various designs, such as heart-shaped earrings with groupings of small diamonds. The gemologists at Dara’s Diamonds will be glad to assist you with your design ideas. We have over 50,000 diamonds and gold, white gold and platinum settings to help you create a special pair of diamond stud earrings, one that  epitomizing your personality and style.

Colored Diamond Stud Earrings

While most diamonds are clear, faint yellow, very light yellow or fancy yellow, other colors are available to fashion stud diamond earrings. Diamonds occur naturally in many colors, from brown and purple to pink and deep blue. These diamonds may be much more expensive than colorless or yellow diamonds. Ask us for more information if you are interested in colored diamond stud earrings.

Diamond Stud Earring with Platinum

Whether you’re going for a luxurious touch or just have ears sensitive to gold or silver, choosing platinum diamond stud earring makes a timeless gift even more appealing. All of our diamond stud earrings for women come with a platinum metal option.

We can help you choose classic diamond stud earrings or assist you in creating a special design. Browse our full site to see our timeless collection diamond stud earrings for women – including all of the hottest trends.


PlatinumWeddingRingMany factors determine what wedding ring you purchase for your special day. The physical appearance of the ring, its quality and luster, and how it meshes with the bride’s style are all important. Wedding rings are traditionally made of the same metal as the engagement ring. A platinum engagement ring is followed by a platinum wedding band, and so forth. But there are no hard and fast rules for weddings or wedding rings today. The couple can choose from many possible ring combinations. Wedding bands come in a variety of base metals mixed with one or more alloys, or similar elements. The most popular metals for wedding rings are platinum, white gold, yellow gold. Platinum wedding bands, with their silvery white elegance and resilient nature, are considered the cream of the crop in bridal jewelry

Let’s look at the qualities of white gold and yellow gold wedding rings and see how they measure up against platinum wedding rings

White Gold

White gold is a mixture of gold with palladium, zinc or copper. White gold rings are usually 14K or 18K, with the 18K rings consisting of a yellow gold/palladium combination. High-quality white gold is coated with Rhodium, an off-white metal similar to platinum. White gold rings can be dipped in Rhodium occasionally to regain their original shine, or they can be re-plated every 12 to 18 months.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is the most popular metal used in engagement rings and wedding rings. The higher the carat count, the more durable the metal. An 18K gold ring is more lustrous than a 14K gold ring.

Gold’s a pliable metal, and it’s mixed with copper, silver or other alloys since it’s too soft to be used in natural state. Yellow gold doesn’t rust, and it needs to be cleaned periodically to retain its luster. It is less expensive than platinum, but is lighter, less durable and lacks platinum’s pure luster.


Platinum is an alternative to gold for people who desire a more color-coordinated and luxurious look to match with their diamond ring. It is also a good choice for people with sensitive skin, as the metal’s hypo-allergenic nature is safe for people who can’t wear gold jewelry. Platinum is a hard, durable metal with a matte finish. Its natural silver-white color complements a diamond’s colorless brilliance, and as the years pass it usually develops a patina, or dull white finish, that further enhances the diamond.

Platinum wedding rings may be as much as 95% pure. This long-wearing, pure white metal is brighter than white gold and much heavier. It costs two to four times as much as a gold wedding ring, but for many couples, platinum is well worth the extra cost due to its strength, beauty and damage-resistant qualities.

Check the inscription on the inside of a platinum wedding ring to determine its purity. Metals with a 900 or 950 mark are considered high-grade platinum. A ring with a 900 mark is made of 90% platinum and 10% palladium or iridium. A 950 mark indicates that the ring is 95% platinum and 5% palladium, iridium, cobalt, tungsten or copper. Alloys with a lower concentration of platinum aren’t as brilliant or durable.

You may think that you don’t have the budget for platinum, but Dara’s Diamonds has several platinum wedding rings at reasonable prices. You can combine our promotional rebates for even greater saving. Our base price for many diamond rings is low, and the additional cost for platinum much less than you’d expect. Our round cut, three-diamond ring is 67% off retail price, which makes it easier for many people to afford the additional charge for platinum. Check our website for codes for our annual sale giving you $50 off rings over $500, and $100 off rings over $1000. Dara’s offers you sparkling, premium diamond rings at affordable prices without sacrificing quality. Contact us for more details on the platinum wedding rings we offer and how you can take advantage of our promotional offers by calling us at 1-888-764-DARA.


Looking for diamond earrings as a birthday or anniversary gift for a loved one? You have several choices in diamond earring styles, each one classic and alluring. With all the different combinations of designs, metals and diamond types, you’re sure to find diamond earrings to suit that special person.


Diamond hoop earrings are exactly that – hoops that vary in size, and may be paired with gold, silver or platinum, Small, thick diamond hoop earrings are a versatile addition to any jewelry collection and are great paired with strapless gowns for formal events or a short dress with spaghetti straps. Smaller, thicker diamond hoops may boast creative designs from a platinum and diamond Aztec motif to a plain column of small diamonds bordered by gold, silver or platinum. Large, thin diamond hoop earrings usually feature small diamonds on a gold, silver or platinum hoop.


AGuideToDiamondEarringsStylesSmall, simple stud earrings consist of a diamond or metal ball inlaid with small diamonds positioned on the earlobe with a post that goes through the ear to hold it in place. This timeless style is perfect for weddings and formal events, but works well with just about any outfit or occasions. Dara’s Diamonds offers 553 stud diamond earrings, ranging in weight from 0.25 karats to 2.75 carats, with each set available in yellow gold, white gold or platinum. We have a variety of clarity grades from 11,I2 and I3 (imperfect) to FL (flawless.). If you’re looking for the brightest and the best in diamond earrings styles, we have a pair of 1.25 carat D-FL round cut diamond stud earrings with a lifetime warranty and gift box at 71% off the retail price. This colorless diamond stud earring set is a wonderful way to show your Significant Other how much you care.

Drop Diamond Earrings and Chandelier Earrings

Drop diamond earrings, also known as chandelier earrings, are another trendy choice   that can be flashy or demure depending on the design. Solitaire diamond drop earrings add beauty and elegance to any outfit, and are conservative enough for business meetings. A single diamond hangs from a gold or silver chain (or a sparkly diamond band), adding just the right amount of dazzle to alone diamond. Diamond chandelier earrings are a more elaborate version of drop earrings. They may be shaped like triangles, pagodas or even a “curtain” of small diamonds.  They’re heavier and more ornate than solitaire drop earrings and are suitable for parties and nights on the town.  The diamonds in a chandelier earring may be paired with other gemstones, gold, silver or platinum. The design options are unlimited, which makes this a fun choice for women who like the allure of diamonds, but prefer a more playful style.

Dara’s Diamonds inventory has princess and round cut stud diamond earrings with your choice of carat size, backing and setting, so you can choose the perfect style to flatter your loved one. Our dazzling diamond earrings come with a lifetime warranty and exchange policy so you can buy with confidence. Our gemologists will show you the best diamond earring styles for your particular needs. We have over 50,000 natural diamonds in stock, from colorless and fancy yellow to Grade N-Z very light yellow. We’ll help you determine the best setting for your diamond earrings, one that will show off their sparkle make you – or your loved one – look and feel like a star. Check out our diamond earrings today.


DiamondNecklaceDiamondEarringWhen you want to feel truly beautiful, accessorizing with jewelry is a wonderful option. Let’s face it, sapphires may glitter and topaz may glow, but there’s nothing that highlights your sense of personal style like diamonds. When gorgeous is the look you’re going for, you can’t get any better than real diamonds.

Now that you’ve decided on a new necklace or an exquisite pair of drop earrings, you’ll really need to study how to accessorize with your new diamonds. Where should you start? Let’s take a look at a few strategies that can help you master the art of looking great and knowing how to accessorize with your new diamonds.

Adding That Attention-Getting Element

Diamonds are an accessory that never, ever goes out of style. The timeless quality of diamonds, whether they be icy white, glowing pink or deep chocolate, is one of the things that makes them so utterly wonderful as a fashion statement. The intense beauty of diamonds always adds an incredible highlight to an outfit, whether the look is daytime professional or evening chic. When you’re ready to really heighten a look, knowing how to accessorize with your new diamonds is a talent that can’t be understated. When you want to make sure all eyes are turned your way, diamonds are an attention-getting touch that always sets just the right tone.

Choosing Looks for Daytime

Diamonds for daytime? Of course! Diamonds work beautifully with professional attire; the key is to know how to accessorize with your new diamonds in a way that allows the jewelry to heighten your looks without being inappropriate or distracting. It all comes down to matching the jewelry to the clothing.

Daytime/office attire generally calls for jewelry that is slender and subtle. When reviewing the new diamonds in your collection, look for pieces that lend themselves to the type of dress you’ll be wearing at a professional function. A slender chain with a diamond pendant or a sleek silver rope encrusted with diamonds is a great choice. Slender bracelets and small diamond stud earrings also create a subtle effect that adds to the overall glamour of your image. These types of designs look lovely with an open collar blouse or a scoop next silk tee and blazer. The addition of these sparkling gems brings on the perfect touch of understated elegance.

Going Glam for Evening Wear

When you’re planning a look for a special date or cocktail party, knowing how to accessorize with your new diamonds is especially critical. If the new diamonds in your collection are large and glitzy, you’ll want to choose a monochromatic look that flatters while drawing attention to your glittering earrings and icy white diamond necklace. A scoop neck, sleeveless sheath dress in black is a classic look. Dress it up with long black gloves and stiletto heels for a high glamour look that can’t be beat.

Ultimately, the key to knowing how to accessorize with your new diamonds is to draw all the attention to YOU.

Find your perfect diamonds today at Dara’s Diamonds. We take great care to provide the perfect diamond accessories for every occasion, and you can always find the best prices. Shop today!


brandyWearing a red flower in her hair and a sexy bathing suit cover up, pop singer Brandy recently created a buzz over engagement to fiancée and music exec Ryan Press. Brandy Norwood posed next to her fiancé, revealing not just her attractive beach body, but a stunning – and enormous – diamond engagement ring.

Instagram was Brandy’s vehicle for making her awesome announcement, writing the heady caption “Repost @ryanpress215! #hawaii #love #forever,” next to the photo that showed Ms. Norwood in a glittering gold, purple and turquoise bikini topped off with a gold belly chain that showed off her sleekly toned body.

But it wasn’t the bikini, the couple’s winning smile, or the beautiful Hawaiian setting that caused the commotion. The rough cut diamond is stunning, with a unique, oval setting and a silver crystalline color.

In fact, magazines, fanzines, Facebook walls, Twitter feeds, and Instagram all said just about the same thing: “Pop singer Brandy creates buzz over engagement.” She spread the news using new media, but she employed the old fashioned, tried and true technique of flashing that mammoth rock, discreetly lifting her hand to her hair as if smoothing her coiffure was the object. To the contrary, her raised digits revealed the beautiful sparkler in all its multi-carat glory.

The display took place a few days after Mr. Press actually popped the question. The thirty-three year old singer of “Put It Down,” finally got what she wanted, when her fiancé put a ring on it.

Last summer, in an August interview published in Sister2Sister magazine, Grammy-winner Brandy mused about a future engagement to Press, dropping the hint that she kept hearing about a ring. “People keep calling me, hinting to me about it, but I don’t know.” She promised to be patient and “… let it happen and just let it be…” stating that she supposed an engagement would occur whenever it was the “right time.”

She asked her readers and interviewer to “Keep your fingers crossed… sometime soon I will be engaged.” It seems that Press took the hint, and perhaps with all the buildup to an engagement, chose a ring that made not just Brandy, but her legion of fans, gasp in appreciation.

Between time spent in the sea and watching a beach volleyball competition on the sand, along with her splashy engagement ring photo, Norwood posted another – this one showing a heart-shaped rose petal, accompanied by the text “Like a rib, I’m one within you. We’re unbreakable-inseparable! #howhigh,” quoting lyrics from one of her singles.

Popping the question December 26th, during a romantic holiday trip to Hawaii, Press must’ve had to pay extra baggage charges when he transported a ring that size.

The engagement marks the start of a first marriage for Brandy Norwood, whose previous relationship with boyfriend Robert Smith sounded no wedding bells. Norwood has a 10 year-old daughter, Sy’ria, from that union.

You don’t have to be a multi-Platinum-selling artist to have a truly memorable proposal. Find your own perfect engagement ring today at Dara’s Diamonds, and become a star in your own right. At Dara’s Diamonds, we carry the kinds of stones that are guaranteed to take her breath away. Shop now!


92198467Although it may be hard to believe, some jewelers never see the top five rarest types of diamonds. Reason being, some of these diamonds are so few and far between that it would be nearly impossible for most jewelers to catch a glimpse of them. While almost everyone has seen a white diamond (one of the most common), you’d be surprised to read how many of the rarer types of diamonds there are in the world.

For suspense’s sake, let’s start with the least rare of the top five rarest types of diamonds:

The Purple Diamond

A peculiar change in the diamond’s crystal structure results in the purple hue that makes this diamond one of the five rarest types. There are two world-famous cuts of the purple diamond: The Royal Purple Heart Diamond and the Supreme Purple Heart. The first is the largest Fancy Vivid Purple diamond and weighs 7.34 carats. The diamond, which is believed to have originated in Russia, was cut into a perfect heart shape by the Julius Klein Diamond Corporation.

The second diamond, Supreme Purple Heart, is actually a rounded cut and not the shape of a heart. Much less is known of this diamond, though many believe it was mined from the Amazon basin. The most remarkable characteristic of this diamond however, is that the color changes. From one angle, a deep purple, while from another, an almost crimson red.

The Orange Diamond

For years, many people did not know of the orange diamond. Not until 2002 — when Halle Berry wore the “Pumpkin Diamond” to the Academy Awards — did anyone give much thought to the orange diamond. Now that many eyes have peered on its autumn-like brilliance, it is highly sought-after. Although few of these exist, many of the largest diamonds in the world are. This does not slow the demand for diamond, which mainly originates from the Argyle mine in Australia and South Africa. If you’re looking to get your hands on one of these, expect to shell out a pretty penny.

The Pink Diamond

For every million carats of colorless diamond mined, 1 carat of fancy pink diamond will be found. That is why pink diamonds are so exceedingly rare. A typical estimate for 1 carat of pink diamond typically comes to about $1 million. Not a cheap price for a wedding ring (or any ring for that matter). Mainly mined from Australia, the supply of pink diamonds is dropping quickly. If you have an extra million to spend, you might just want to invest in one of these.

The Green Diamond

While many colored diamonds are formed by a change in the crystal’s structure, the green diamond is most commonly formed by the effects of atomic radiation — however in some cases, overexposure to hydrogen can be the culprit. The most famous green diamond is the Dresden Green Diamond, which weighs 41 carats. Most of these attractive gems are found in India (where the Dresden Green Diamond was found) and typically have the hue of a green apple, light with darker green around the edges.

The Red Diamond

Of all the rare diamonds in the world, The Red Diamond trumps them all. Less than 20 red diamonds exist today. The Moussaief Red is the rarest diamond ever discovered, weighing in at 5.11 carats. This rare diamond was discovered in Brazil by a farmer at the Abaetezinho River in 1990, an area known for its colored diamonds. If you’re looking to purchase one of these beauties, make sure to have a hefty chunk of cash waiting, because red diamonds do not come cheap. One million dollars per carat is just the starting price for the rarest type of diamond.

If you’d like to find a gorgeous diamond for someone you love, but without spending your life savings of mining for gems in Brazil, check out our full selection of breathtaking diamond rings and jewelry at Dara’s Diamonds.