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5caratdiamondringWhile most jewelry enthusiasts can only salivate at the prospect of an expensive 5 carat diamond ring, celebrities have the good fortune of not looking back due to a hefty price tag. A number of popular celebrities have chosen to celebrate their engagement with the kind of 5 carat diamond ring that becomes envied and admired by fans around the world. And while the celebrity marriages and engagements often don’t last, the rings are forever. These are some of the most beautiful five carat rings flaunted by your favorite celebrities.

Jessica Alba

Cash Warren proposed to Jessica Alba with a 5 carat diamond ring valued at $90,000. Alba’s ring features an antique Assher-cut center diamond with pave diamonds on a platinum band. Assher cut diamonds have never been a popular choice for diamond engagement rings, but Alba’s beautiful ring has inspired more couples to give this style a shot.

Katie Holmes

What would become one of the most famous celebrity marriages (and divorces) of all time began with a 5 carat diamond ring from Fred Leighton. Tom Cruise proposed to Holmes with an oval shaped 5 carat diamond that had more than six additional carats of smaller diamonds in the band to accent the center stone. The ring was valued at approximately $275,000.

Katy Perry

Russell Brand initially proposed to Katy Perry with a 5 carat diamond ring from Cartier featuring a pink diamond. Perry, however, wasn’t a fan, and swapped it out for another Cartier ring that was just three carats. If only she’d realized she’d be as unsatisfied with the husband as she was with the engagement ring…


Jersey Shore’s Jenni Farley got engaged to her boyfriend Roger Mathews with a 5 carat diamond ring that he created with help from jewelry designer Layna Friedman and estimated to be worth around $100,000. The reality star’s stunning rock features a 5 carat cushion cut pink diamond surrounded by more than 2.5 carats of additional accent diamonds. The accent diamonds are both white and pink, featuring a brilliant cut.

Eva Longoria

When NBA star Tony Parker proposed to Eva Longoria, he chose a 5 carat diamond ring featuring emerald cut diamond from French jewelry designer Jean Doucette and included a personal interior engraving in Parker’s handwriting. The ring was set in a classic tiffany prong design for a look that proved to be far more timeless than Longoria and Parker’s marriage, as the couple divorced a few years later when Longoria found evidence that Parker was cheating.

A 5 carat diamond ring may be out of reach for the average couple, but you can still rock some serious style with a diamond engagement ring from Dara’s Diamonds. With a variety of styles and diamond sizes, ranging from .10 carats to 2.75 carats, these rings provide celebrity style at an affordable scale. Plus, it’s clear that 5 carat diamond rings don’t equal long-lasting marriages. Shop Dara’s Diamonds for the perfect fabulous engagement ring today.


diamond stud earringsNo jewelry collection is complete without at least one pair of cheap diamond stud earrings. They are so versatile that they can be worn with virtually any article of clothing. You can be dressed up or dressed down, casual or formal, simple or fancy – these sparkling beauties will make a statement whatever the occasion.

The secret of cheap diamond stud earrings is in the simplicity. The simplicity of this jewelry is what makes them as versatile they are.  Diamond stud earrings draw just the right amount of attention to the ear, while complimenting anything you decide to put on. They are simple enough to be understatement, yet elegant enough to do the dressing up.

Try a pair on with that little black dress for a night out on the town or get dressed for a more formal event in a long evening gown, bracelet, and matching pendant. Smaller studs go great with a breezy summer dress and a pair of strappy sandals. Larger cheap diamond stud earrings are appropriate for a more elaborate ensemble.

There are many styles of diamond stud earrings to choose from. Round studs are the most basic while teardrop-shaped diamond earrings add a bit of glamour and nostalgia to your outfit. The asscher cut is shaped much like the emerald cut diamond –both are stepped squares. The asscher cut rose to popularity just recently, as stars like Kate Hudson began wearing this type of jewelry. Many like it because of its bright, clean lines and straightforward style.

One of the older, more antique styles of cheap diamond stud earrings is the cushion-cut diamond. Reminiscent of the 19th and 20th centuries, the cushion was also referred to as the candlelight cut. These earrings earned their name because of the sparkle they exude, even with in the absence of electricity. Try a more vintage look and mix it up with more contemporary clothing for a nice synthesis of old and new.

One of the best things about owning a pair of cheap diamond stud earrings is that they actually leave room for you to decide upon the look you want to achieve. Matched with the right outfit, a set of cheap diamond stud earrings can undoubtedly offer show-stopping looks and a twinge of glamour and elegance all at a price that you can afford.

About Dara’s Diamond’s

Dara’s Diamonds was founded in 1994 on the premise that a commitment to design speaks for itself. Our dedication to our clientele has not changed over the years; in fact, it has grown in ways that are matched only by the unparalleled brilliance of our collection.


how to accessorize diamond hoopDiamond hoop earrings fit perfectly into any ensemble from blue jeans to black tie. Because diamond hoop earrings come in so many different shapes and styles, the best way to accessorize is to start with the earrings and build the rest of the outfit around them.

Petite hoops with small diamonds can be paired with anything. Business attire, cocktail dresses and jeans will all look stylish and elegant with simple, classic diamond hoops and can be paired with low-profile necklaces or bracelets. Larger, more dramatic hoops are your statement pieces. Dress up dark jeans and a blouse for an evening on the town or pair them with modern prints for a fun and flashy look.

Hoops with colored diamonds can be paired with outfits of all styles; just be sure that the colors in the diamonds match or complement the colors in the outfit. Pair your favorite diamond hoops with chunky sweaters or sporty tank tops to add a touch of elegance and sophistication. You can even transform your look from daytime business casualwear to a sexy evening-out ensemble by wearing a camisole under a blazer with classic petite hoops by day, then slip out of the blazer at night and swap your simple pair of hoops for a more dramatic, modern pair of color-coordinated diamond hoops.

Consider the setting of your diamond hoops when accessorizing as well. Settings made of yellow gold and rose gold pair well with fall colors like browns, deep greens and orange. Silver, platinum and white gold settings are more suitable for blues, grays, black and pink.

Diamond hoop earrings are a great gift for any woman for any special occasion because, well, who doesn’t love diamonds? They are also timeless pieces that can be part of a jewelry collection for years to come that will dress up any outfit. Even jeans and a t-shirt look fresh and elegant when paired with a beautiful, sparkling pair of diamond hoop earrings.

Dara’s Diamonds offers a wide selection of diamonds to add to your jewelry collection. Our affordable prices are well below regular retail prices and we regularly offer additional discounts and rebates. In addition to low prices, we offer excellent customer service and reliable return and exchange policies. All of our fine jewelry can be returned in its original condition within 30 days; some restocking fees may apply.  And our lifetime exchange policy allows you to upgrade your diamonds at any time in the future with proof of purchase. All of our high-quality natural diamonds are checked for authenticity by experts using cutting edge technology. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call Dara’s Diamonds at 1-888-764-DARA (3272).

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blue diamond stud earringsFancy vivid blue diamonds are some of the rarest and most coveted diamonds in the world. One stone in about ten million has the color that rates this particular designation, and it is remarkably unique unto itself. Because these stones are so hard to find, it only makes sense that blue diamonds comprise history’s most coveted diamond earrings for women.

Although the growth of blue diamonds has increased greatly over the past several years, they remain a vey highly prized stone.  Many pay top dollar for such diamonds, as prices for this precious stone easily reach the millions. The blue diamond is often sold at about ten times the amount of a white diamond. On the market, these rare gems are worth their weight in gold, as many investors and celebrities are willing to invest exorbitant amounts of money to obtain blue diamond earrings for women.

One of the most unique and popular fancy blue diamonds is the Hope Diamond. This steel blue beauty is an amazing 45.52 carats, originally cut from a 112-carat rough diamond in India; it is currently being displayed at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C.

In their purest form, diamonds are colorless, but when impurities are present, the diamond takes on a different hue. In blue diamonds, the absence of boron in the structure of the gem causes an otherwise colorless stone to appear blue.

There are various shades of blue diamonds, and the amount of boron present in each dictates the darkness or lightness of the color. The more boron present, the darker the color of the gem. As a result, blue diamonds are found in tones that range from very light blue to the darkest shade of blue found in a stone.

Generally speaking, the purity of a stone determines its value and price. The purer the diamond, the more expensive it is. However, in blue diamonds, its impurity imparts a bluish tone. Because blue diamonds are rarer than white diamonds, the price of the diamond increases greatly.

Because of their scarcity, jewelers have created a permanent process to enhance the hue of the blue diamond. Natural mined diamonds are irradiated to increase their fancy blue color. Usually detected as a surface enhancement, blue diamonds sold to the public appear differently under a spectroscope than their very rare counterparts. Their brilliance and sparkle unlike any other. Enhanced blue diamonds earrings for women shimmer and memorize. They make the perfect gift for the woman who has everything.

About Dara’s Diamonds

Dara’s Diamonds is diamond ring and fine jeweler manufacturer. Successfully servicing clients since 1994, Dara’s Diamonds has remained committed to designing and creating the finest luxury jewelry on the market today. Whether you seek a stone for an anniversary, engagement of any other special event, you’ll discover the unmistakable excellence and authenticity that sets Dara’s Diamonds apart from the rest.


different styles of platinum diamond studsAt Dara’s Diamonds you’ll find a wide selection of elegant and timeless platinum diamond stud princess cut earrings. Princess cut diamonds are cut similarly to the round brilliant diamonds, to bring out the beauty and maximum sparkle but in a classic yet dramatic square cut. Princess cut diamond studs are the perfect gift for a birthday or anniversary.

At Dara’s Diamonds, we offer platinum diamond stud princess cut earrings from .25 carat all the way to 2.75 carats. Our diamond stud earrings can find a way to fit into any budget with this range of sizes, combined with a variety of color and clarity combinations. We set our studs in four pronged settings to protect the vulnerable corners from chipping, while allowing the beauty of the gem to speak for itself in this minimalist setting.

If you are looking to purchase a pair of diamond stud princess cut earrings of the highest quality, we suggest looking for a pair with a cut rated Very Good, a G color rating and VS2 clarity. You can still get a brilliant sparkle and overall beautiful gem with a Good cut, I color rating and SI2 clarity. Remember that no two diamonds are alike and the reflective properties will vary from stone to stone. Many gems with lower ratings are still fiery and eye catching. Compare a few stones from different classes and, to the untrained eye, there will be very little noticeable difference.

Some retailers offer princess cut diamond stud earrings in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold settings in addition to platinum. We believe that the platinum setting is by far the best, as the brilliance, clarity and depth of the gem really stand out in platinum. Other colored settings can hide the true beauty of the gem and make it appear tinted or yellow.

Ask to see a few different carat sizes of diamond studs earrings when you are shopping. Consider the ears that will display the studs and the frequency in which the studs will be worn. If you would like to purchase a pair for daily wear, .50 to 1 carat are generally good choices. For less frequent wear, you can compare gems up to 2.75 carats at Dara’s Diamonds. But remember, diamonds are a girl’s best friend and bigger is always better!

At Dara’s Diamonds you can find platinum diamond stud princess cut earrings in almost any weight, clarity and color combination. Visit Dara’s Diamonds online to see out selection of stud earrings and find exactly what you are searching for. You’ll also see that we offer the same quality earrings for over 60% less than standard retail prices. Not only do we offer the best, but we offer the best prices as well. We also offer free repairs for the lifetime of the earrings and free annual maintenance and cleaning.

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the perfect occasion forThere are some simple statements in jewelry that speak volumes. Diamond stud earrings are one example of a simple piece of jewelry that can transform an everyday look into something quite elegant, or a dressy look into something really extraordinary. Gold diamond stud earrings are an always-classic choice in jewelry because the very simplicity of the design lends itself to a look that is as understated as it is elegant—and that’s a look that just can’t miss. From major occasions like weddings or anniversaries, to more everyday events like a lunch with friends or a movie out, the simple beauty of diamond stud earrings is always appropriate and always in style. The versatility of these earrings gives them a quality that’s worth more than their weight in gold—and diamonds!

Variety and Simplicity 

Some of the most fashionable women in the world favor the simple elegance of gold diamond stud earrings. Why? These earrings combine the complex brilliance of diamonds with the timeless shimmer of gold, for a look that’s gorgeous as can be. Yet the compact design of the stud style brings all this beauty into a piece that’s never overdone and never overstated. The effect is simply elegant.

Celebrities like Kate Middleton favor this earring style, in looks similar to the Princess Cut diamond stud earrings carried by Dara’s Diamonds. The royal Duchess is obviously someone who knows how to dress well for a variety of special occasions, from state dinners to charity events to garden parties. Her impeccable taste in jewelry is unquestionable, and her affection for earrings in styles that run from simple to simply elegant underlines her classic taste even more.

Everyday Diamonds 

Though diamonds don’t really seem like everyday fashion, there’s something very glamorous about the notion of wearing “everyday diamonds.” Though diamond jewelry is often saved for special events that call for an extra level of formal wear, like a regal dinner or an anniversary party, the truth is that simple and understated pieces like gold diamond stud earrings are really appropriate for everything from a formalwear event to an afternoon party with good friends. Yes, this very wearable style can add extra shimmer to an evening gown worn with a diamond pendant and bracelets, or it can be the extra sparkle on an everyday outfit of a classic white linen shirt, jeans and pumps.

However they’re worn, these earrings add an extra touch of elegance that’s always simply dazzling. For a woman who really values adding a touch of sparkle and glamour to even an ‘everyday’ outfit, beautiful diamond stud earrings, in timeless classic gold or white gold, are an always appropriate and dazzling addition. Dress them up or dress them down, these earrings are the always right choice for a woman of true taste and style.

If you love the dazzling appeal of sparkling gold diamond stud earrings, check out the selection of beautiful pieces in a variety of styles today, only at Dara’s Diamonds.


PrincessMatchRoundSo you’ve been given a round cut diamond engagement ring, but you still love the princess cut diamond earrings that you’ve had for a couple of years. Is it okay to wear both at the same time? As with any type of jewelry or fashion accessory, there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to coordinating diamonds. But with a little bit of help, we can make sure you don’t commit any fashion faux pas as you wear your most precious jewels.

In the simplest of terms, there is nothing inherently wrong with mixing and matching various types of diamonds. Most people do not have a keen enough eye to spot the difference between cuts without a close inspection. And even if they do notice that the diamonds you are wearing are of dissimilar design, they probably won’t give it much thought. The elegance and sparkle of the diamonds is the only thing that should match.  However, some pieces of jewelry will carry more value—both sentimental and monetary—and you’ll want to accentuate those pieces above all else.

For a sample scenario, let’s say you’ve received a pair of .75 D-FL princess cut diamond stud earrings as a holiday gift. These dazzling earrings are going to draw quite a bit of attention. However, you’ve recently become engaged to the man of your dreams, and he proposed with a 1.75 ct D-I3 round cut classic basket 3-stone ring. More than likely, you’re going to want to focus all the attention of others to the ring, as it has a higher level of sentimental value and also represents a major milestone in your life. While the engagement ring will spur conversation and interest regardless of whatever other jewelry you may be wearing, it wouldn’t hurt to avoid any potential distractions that could stem from wearing a pair of princess cut diamond earrings.

With every piece of diamond jewelry you purchase from Dara’s Diamonds—whether it be a round cut diamond engagement ring or princess cut diamond earrings—you can rest easy in knowing that you are receiving the highest level of quality available. We take so much pride in our line of diamond jewelry that we warranty your purchase for the entirety of its existence. Not only that, but when you make a purchase from our catalogue, we also offer an appraisal from a 3rd party jeweler, so you will know that your new diamond earrings or engagement ring meets and exceeds all industry standards.  Please feel free to browse our wide selection of rings, earrings, and pendants to find the perfect combination for any occasion.


mens diamond earIs looking great exclusively a woman’s prerogative? In today’s fast-changing modern culture, the answer, happily, is no. Today, modern men are discovering the incredible masculine appeal of staying fit, dressing well and wearing well-chosen, beautifully designed jewelry, specifically men’s diamond earrings–and more!

Why should women have all the fun? Today, it’s an open secret that men enjoy spiffing themselves up and looking good just as much as women do. If looking great involves adding a little extra sparkle with the addition of some fashionable jewelry, like men’s diamond earrings, for example, so much the better! Let’s take a look at some of the earring styles available today that work especially well for men.

Earrings for Men, Pierced and All

Years ago, only the most exotic and unusual men indulged in ear piercing. Today, this once far-out style has been welcomed in society as a way for men to assert their individuality and to accommodate a range of jewelry styles—including earrings.

Today, men’s diamond earrings are seen as an understated way to add a touch of elegance and some definite dazzle to a formal suit or casual ensemble. The look of a gold stud diamond earring on a man is definitely dazzling, while also slightly exotic. It’s a can’t-miss detail that adds extra interest to his overall look and gives him a real dose of sartorial flair.

Let’s take a look at some of the styles in earrings he may want to choose to heighten the look of a new suit or sweater ensemble.

The Masculine Appeal of Gold Stud Diamond Earrings

There are many ways for men to wear jewelry, from gold rings to chains to pendants, but earrings create an especially eye-catching and intriguing look for a man.

The gold diamond stud earring is a truly classic accessory that offers a sense of understated elegance; it offers a touch of dazzle without being over the top in any way.

Diamond stud earrings come in various cuts and styles, ranging from princess cut diamond earrings in a square setting to earrings with round cut diamonds. Both of these styles offer plenty of dazzle and lots of interest, and can be worn in your choice of yellow gold, white gold or platinum settings. The shimmer of these gems will give him a definite sparkle at any social occasion, whether it’s an upscale cocktail party, wedding, or an intimate dinner at a favorite restaurant.

Mixing and Matching

Once a man has taken the leap and decided on the right choice of diamond earrings, he may want to play on this added bit of sparkle by wearing diamond cuff links, in a similar style, as well as a ring. He may also want to stay consistent with the choice of metals in all his jewelry, say in all yellow or white gold, to give his look real impact. Ultimately, it’s all about choosing jewelry that highlights his masculinity and embraces his inner sense of style with an extra bit of dazzle.

Looking to enhance your own wardrobe with just the right accessories? Check out our superior selection of diamond earrings for both men and women, right here at Dara’s Diamonds.


accessorize boldlyThere are times in life when it pays to be bold, and when it comes to accessorizing, boldness is a virtue. Yes, creating a bold image can pay off beautifully, yet there’s an art to creating a presence that’s all about combining the right accessories for an elegant fashion statement. Accessorizing with beautiful jewelry, like 2 carat diamond stud earrings, for example, is the key to putting together a look that’s bold and jazzy, yet also coordinated with a certain air of elegance. Let’s talk about some ideas for getting there, and creating an image that has real impact.

Simply Elegant Accessorizing

There’s an old story about Marilyn Monroe that illuminates her unique understanding of beauty and using accessories for real impact. Marilyn told a friend that when she was dressing for a major evening out, she’d put on her evening gown and jewels and then stand in front of a full length mirror, and then turn around quickly and take a look at what first caught her eye. Any extraneous jewelry that caught her attention had to go—she only kept on the key pieces that really drew attention to her, highlighting her face and figure.

Certainly, this story shows the essence of using jewelry as an accessory. The important thing is to choose beautiful pieces that are simple and elegant, and those which draw attention to the person wearing them. That’s why beautifully designed 2-carat diamond stud earrings are such a great way to accessorize. The simplicity of these earrings adds glitter and dazzle to the woman—or man—who wears them, while also playing up the elegance of their hairstyle and whatever outfit they’re wearing.


Keeping it Simple

2 carat diamond stud earrings should be in every stylish woman’s jewelry box. The simple elegance of these earrings can dress up a simple ensemble, making even a linen suit or simple sheath dress a vision of understated glamour. Simply add some gorgeous pumps, a glittering bracelet and a coordinated handbag to complete the picture.

For a dressier occasion, like a formal dinner or an event that calls for “pull out all the stops” glamour, why not accessorize with 2-carat diamond stud earrings? Women going for a dressy evening look can go for an image of sheer elegance by wearing an evening gown with simple, yet simply beautiful choices in jewelry. You can choose diamond stud earrings and a diamond pendant necklace and a sleek chain bracelet for a glittering and glamorous feel. For a bolder look, you can choose a necklace with larger gems in a chunkier style. For even more impact, wear evening gloves with a sparkling diamond or cubic zirconium bracelet worn over the gloves. This is a classic Hollywood style that still carries a lot of impact, so why not be bold and boldly beautiful?

Men are making bold choices in jewelry these days too, by wearing earrings that add a touch of exotic glamour to dressy or casual ensembles. Two-carat diamond earrings are a great choice for a man who likes to play up his masculinity with a touch of bold elegance that’s strong while also understated.

If you’re interested in exploring bold choices in accessories, take a look at the incredible jewelry offered now at


diamond 2 ct 2012To an extent, there are no true trends when it comes to diamond rings. While new designs pop up, the classics simply never go out of style. And in 2012, the new engagement ring trends definitely headed in the direction of classic and vintage looks, reflecting the timelessness of this treasured piece of jewelry. Ornate settings recalling Art Deco design or Victorian embellishment, the antique-looking halo design, and the emerald cut style all surged in popularity. Here’s an overview of the most popular diamond 2 carat rings of 2012.

The classic prong set solitaire with a big rock is a popular style every year, but was particularly on trend in 2012. These traditional engagement rings usually feature a princess or round cut diamond set into a simple and elegant band by four or six prongs. The solitaire setting is notable because it allows the most light possible into the diamond for maximum sparkle. This diamond 2 carat princess solitaire engagement ring has four prongs on a band that is your choice of 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold, or platinum. Twists on the solitaire were also popular in 2012, with many couples opting for a solitaire style on a band featuring path diamonds.

In fact, creative band design was all the rage in 2012, with many of the most popular rings using band embellishments instead of extra diamonds for unique design. Twisted bands with intricate settings were very popular. Split shanks, which highlight the diamond with a band that is split into two pieces at the side of the stone, were another popular band trend. Art Deco and Victorian style engravings were other popular ways to add detail to a diamond 2-carat ring.

Also taking a cue from Art Deco style, the popularity of the halo engagement ring design was probably 2012s biggest diamond ring trend. In a halo ring, the central diamond is surrounded by a ring of tiny diamonds, creating the halo effect of the design’s name. Double halo rings feature two rows around the focal diamond. Many of the most popular halo diamonds featured path diamonds on the band as well.

Not every trend in popular diamond rings was a style choice, however. In 2012, conflict-free diamonds truly became a priority for engagement ring shoppers, no matter what style they were working with. Dara’s Diamonds carefully works to ensure that our suppliers are following United Nations regulations for legitimate diamond sourcing.

Each of these styles becomes more beautiful and glamorous with more diamonds. A diamond 2-carat ring is the best way to realize the beauty of a diamond ring, but this weight is too pricey for some people. At Dara’s Diamonds, we’re proud to bring you the best prices on diamond 2-carat rings and beyond. Because we work directly with conflict-free diamond mines, cutters and suppliers overseas, we are able to avoid the costs of importers and distributors and pass the savings on to you. Shop our full selection to find diamond 2-carat rings at almost 70 percent off.