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AccessorizingWithBlackDiamondEarringsWhen you think of diamond accessories your mind might automatically go toward the classic clear shade of diamond, but don’t forget about the other color options of diamonds that you always have to choose from. Utilizing black diamond earrings can be a great way to switch up your accessorizing without abandoning your classic style.

Choosing the Black Diamond

Black diamonds are naturally black or grey and are the strongest kind of diamond found in nature. They are unique but just as beautiful as your standard diamond and a great way to add to your collection of investment pieces without buying too many similar looking pieces. Any trusted diamond retailer will have some beautiful ones to choose from, just go with what you’re most naturally drawn to and inspired by. You know you’ve found the right piece when you can think of multiple other accessories and outfits to pair it with.

Black Diamonds Look Amazing as Earrings

Black diamonds look great in any form but there’s something special about getting them as earrings. You can wear black diamond earrings in a basic stud form, or you can get a dangle style earring with a more ornate or slim cut design. You can even wear pieces that mix both regular diamonds and black diamonds to add some extra visual interest. This is often seen in a hoop shape or dangle earring. Some studs can host one type of diamond in the center while surrounded by another color diamond on the outside.

From How to Where

You can basically take a piece of black diamond jewelry with you anywhere you go. An ornate and detailed earring will generally provide a more dressed up look for a special occasion or a night out, but being black, it can also blend in with a casual wardrobe if you’d like. A more basic stud can be worn day to day anytime and will look beautiful without being too flashy, and yet remain a potential conversation piece when people get close enough to realize what a beautiful item they’re looking at.

Black Diamonds Alongside Your Other Jewelry

Whether your black diamond earrings are made with multi colored stones or are a solid black, they will still go perfectly with all of your other jewelry. The grey or black stone on your ear can be the perfect offset to a more classic and bright diamond ring or necklace you like to wear on a regular basis, like your engagement ring, for example. For those times that you want to wear some basic silver and gold jewelry without gemstones for the bulk of your accessorizing, the black diamond earring can be the standout piece for your outfit, drawing attention to your face and accentuating your best features.

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