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Accessorizing With a Diamond Pendant Necklace

Posted on December 10, 2013 by coalition There have been 0 comments

Silver heart pendant necklace, Isolated on whiteWhen we talk about accessories, we’re talking in rather general terms about adding something to increase the value or beauty of our overall look. An accessory might be a new silk designer handbag, pink leather gloves, a faux lizard skin hot pink clutch, or perhaps a dazzling diamond pendant necklace.

For the most part, accessories come and go with the tides of trend; however, a really gorgeous, beautifully cut and crafted diamond pendant necklace is the kind of piece that maintains enduring value. Beautiful diamond jewelry always makes for a gorgeous accent piece to whatever clothing or hairstyle a woman is wearing.

How should a woman accessorize with a diamond pendant necklace? There are a few factors to consider when accessorizing with a pendant, such as the diamond’s cut and the length and type of gold in the chain. Let’s explore a few ideas for wearing a diamond pendant necklace to optimal effect.

The Pendant as Plunging Neckline Accessory

Necklaces like the .10 Carat Pear Cut Diamond Solitaire Pendant and Necklace is a piece that’s made to be worn with a plunging neckline. The shape of the pear cut diamond lends itself to this kind of neckline, making for a slightly risqué yet classy look. These necklaces come in lengths of 16, 18 or 20 inches. We recommend going with a longer length to highlight that “plunging” look.

Highlighting the Neck and Collarbone

A shorter style diamond pendant necklace is a beautiful accessory for showing off the area at the base of the neck, at the collarbone. This is a lovely way to accessorize with a pendant necklace, especially a Round Cut Diamond Solitaire Pendant and Necklace. A round cut diamond is ideally worn in a shorter length, and it’s a style that will draw attention to a woman’s neck and face. This style is perfect for an evening out—it’s a truly elegant piece of jewelry.

Choosing the Right Colors

The other consideration when accessorizing with a diamond pendant necklace, beyond the type of diamond and its cut, is the type of metal setting. Many of the pendants at Dara’s Diamonds are crafted in yellow or white gold. Both colors are beautiful, but the choice of what color of metal to choose really comes down to skin color and the outfit you’re matching. Experiment with a few color combinations with white or yellow gold before deciding on a pendant to ensure you have the most flattering, dazzling look possible.

Shop Dara’s Diamonds

When it’s time to choose the right accessory, what’s important is to choose a piece that really adds to a woman’s overall style and beauty. Dara’s Diamonds has an extensive selection of high-end diamonds and jewelry to suit every woman.

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