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accessorize boldlyThere are times in life when it pays to be bold, and when it comes to accessorizing, boldness is a virtue. Yes, creating a bold image can pay off beautifully, yet there’s an art to creating a presence that’s all about combining the right accessories for an elegant fashion statement. Accessorizing with beautiful jewelry, like 2 carat diamond stud earrings, for example, is the key to putting together a look that’s bold and jazzy, yet also coordinated with a certain air of elegance. Let’s talk about some ideas for getting there, and creating an image that has real impact.

Simply Elegant Accessorizing

There’s an old story about Marilyn Monroe that illuminates her unique understanding of beauty and using accessories for real impact. Marilyn told a friend that when she was dressing for a major evening out, she’d put on her evening gown and jewels and then stand in front of a full length mirror, and then turn around quickly and take a look at what first caught her eye. Any extraneous jewelry that caught her attention had to go—she only kept on the key pieces that really drew attention to her, highlighting her face and figure.

Certainly, this story shows the essence of using jewelry as an accessory. The important thing is to choose beautiful pieces that are simple and elegant, and those which draw attention to the person wearing them. That’s why beautifully designed 2-carat diamond stud earrings are such a great way to accessorize. The simplicity of these earrings adds glitter and dazzle to the woman—or man—who wears them, while also playing up the elegance of their hairstyle and whatever outfit they’re wearing.


Keeping it Simple

2 carat diamond stud earrings should be in every stylish woman’s jewelry box. The simple elegance of these earrings can dress up a simple ensemble, making even a linen suit or simple sheath dress a vision of understated glamour. Simply add some gorgeous pumps, a glittering bracelet and a coordinated handbag to complete the picture.

For a dressier occasion, like a formal dinner or an event that calls for “pull out all the stops” glamour, why not accessorize with 2-carat diamond stud earrings? Women going for a dressy evening look can go for an image of sheer elegance by wearing an evening gown with simple, yet simply beautiful choices in jewelry. You can choose diamond stud earrings and a diamond pendant necklace and a sleek chain bracelet for a glittering and glamorous feel. For a bolder look, you can choose a necklace with larger gems in a chunkier style. For even more impact, wear evening gloves with a sparkling diamond or cubic zirconium bracelet worn over the gloves. This is a classic Hollywood style that still carries a lot of impact, so why not be bold and boldly beautiful?

Men are making bold choices in jewelry these days too, by wearing earrings that add a touch of exotic glamour to dressy or casual ensembles. Two-carat diamond earrings are a great choice for a man who likes to play up his masculinity with a touch of bold elegance that’s strong while also understated.

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