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Looking for diamond earrings as a birthday or anniversary gift for a loved one? You have several choices in diamond earring styles, each one classic and alluring. With all the different combinations of designs, metals and diamond types, you’re sure to find diamond earrings to suit that special person.


Diamond hoop earrings are exactly that – hoops that vary in size, and may be paired with gold, silver or platinum, Small, thick diamond hoop earrings are a versatile addition to any jewelry collection and are great paired with strapless gowns for formal events or a short dress with spaghetti straps. Smaller, thicker diamond hoops may boast creative designs from a platinum and diamond Aztec motif to a plain column of small diamonds bordered by gold, silver or platinum. Large, thin diamond hoop earrings usually feature small diamonds on a gold, silver or platinum hoop.


AGuideToDiamondEarringsStylesSmall, simple stud earrings consist of a diamond or metal ball inlaid with small diamonds positioned on the earlobe with a post that goes through the ear to hold it in place. This timeless style is perfect for weddings and formal events, but works well with just about any outfit or occasions. Dara’s Diamonds offers 553 stud diamond earrings, ranging in weight from 0.25 karats to 2.75 carats, with each set available in yellow gold, white gold or platinum. We have a variety of clarity grades from 11,I2 and I3 (imperfect) to FL (flawless.). If you’re looking for the brightest and the best in diamond earrings styles, we have a pair of 1.25 carat D-FL round cut diamond stud earrings with a lifetime warranty and gift box at 71% off the retail price. This colorless diamond stud earring set is a wonderful way to show your Significant Other how much you care.

Drop Diamond Earrings and Chandelier Earrings

Drop diamond earrings, also known as chandelier earrings, are another trendy choice   that can be flashy or demure depending on the design. Solitaire diamond drop earrings add beauty and elegance to any outfit, and are conservative enough for business meetings. A single diamond hangs from a gold or silver chain (or a sparkly diamond band), adding just the right amount of dazzle to alone diamond. Diamond chandelier earrings are a more elaborate version of drop earrings. They may be shaped like triangles, pagodas or even a “curtain” of small diamonds.  They’re heavier and more ornate than solitaire drop earrings and are suitable for parties and nights on the town.  The diamonds in a chandelier earring may be paired with other gemstones, gold, silver or platinum. The design options are unlimited, which makes this a fun choice for women who like the allure of diamonds, but prefer a more playful style.

Dara’s Diamonds inventory has princess and round cut stud diamond earrings with your choice of carat size, backing and setting, so you can choose the perfect style to flatter your loved one. Our dazzling diamond earrings come with a lifetime warranty and exchange policy so you can buy with confidence. Our gemologists will show you the best diamond earring styles for your particular needs. We have over 50,000 natural diamonds in stock, from colorless and fancy yellow to Grade N-Z very light yellow. We’ll help you determine the best setting for your diamond earrings, one that will show off their sparkle make you – or your loved one – look and feel like a star. Check out our diamond earrings today.

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