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3 Carat Diamond Ring Found in Arkansas

When you’re searching for a 3 carat diamond ring, the last place you’d check is a state park. Yet that’s precisely what 14-year-old Tana Clymer did—and she succeeded!

On October 19, the Oklahoma teen’s family was on a visit to Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds State Park, when Tana decided to try her luck in the search field. After two hours, she saw something glinting in the ground.


God’s Jewel

“I thought it was a piece of paper or foil from a candy wrapper,” Tana said. “Then, when I touched it, I thought it was a marble. I think God pointed me to it. I was about to sprint to join my family, and God told me to slow down and look. Then, I found the diamond!”

Tana’s extraordinary find was shaped like a tear drop and small enough to fit a 3 carat diamond ring, and it is known as a “canary gem” for its yellowish hue. The teen called it “God’s Jewel”.

The park’s assistant superintendent Bill Henderson said, “(Tana’s diamond) is very similar to the gem-quality, 4.21-carat canary diamond found at the Crater of Diamonds by Oklahoma State Trooper Marvin Culver of Nowata, Oklahoma, on March 12, 2006, a gem he named the Okie Dokie Diamond.”

“Tana told me that she was so excited, she couldn’t sleep last night. She’s either going to keep the diamond for a ring, or, if it’s worth a lot, she’ll want that for college,” Henderson added.

Tana wasn’t the only youngster to make a significant find in the park this year. Last July, a 12-year-old boy from North Carolina found a 5.16 carat diamond, which he named “God’s Glory Diamond”.

About Crater of Diamonds State Park

In an interview with National Geographic, park interpreter Waymon Cox said that visitors get to keep their finds, as long as they pay the entry fee of $7 for adults and $4 for kids aged 6-12. Equipment rentals come with additional charges.

Cox also explained the possible reason behind the abundance of gems worthy of a high-quality 3 carat diamond ring in the park: “There was a volcanic eruption about 100 million years ago that created an 83-acre crater here. That eruption brought rocks and minerals from the Earth’s mantle to the surface, and over time erosion has removed a lot of the lighter soil and left behind the heavier stuff, including diamonds and other gemstones.”

“Geologists had suspected there might be diamonds because the soil looked greenish, which meant it was a kind of volcanic soil called lamporite tuff, similar to the soil of diamond fields in South Africa.”

The Crater of Diamonds State Park is currently the world’s only diamond-producing site accessible to the public. Since 1906, park visitors have found gems like agate, amethyst, barite, calcite, garnet, jasper, peridot, quartz, and the Strawn-Wagner Diamond, which is famous for being the world’s only perfect diamond ever discovered.

“God’s jewel” is the 396th diamond found in the park in 2013.

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Stud Earrings and a New ‘Do | Jennifer Aniston’s New Look

It seems that Jennifer Aniston is on a roll in the style department lately, for better or worse.

First, the former “Friends” star sheared off her iconic locks in favor of an A-line bob cut, which she debuted last Nov. 4 with the help of longtime friend and hairstylist Chris McMillan. A day after, colorist Michael Canale put the finishing touches.

Finally, Aniston topped off her brighter and edgier look with new stud earrings, which she bought along with girlfriend and New York make-up artist Gucci Westman.


An Impulse Cut

Aniston told Vogue that her new hairstyle was a “spur-of-the-moment” decision. “I was flipping through the television channel and I paused it to take a picture and I sent it to Chris, and he said, ‘That’s Lawren Howell from Vogue!’ And then he said, ‘I just cut that!’ So that’s it. He went way shorter than hers, but she was the inspiration.”

When asked how she felt about the new cut, Aniston replied: “I feel great. I feel lighter. It’s simple, it’s really simple, that’s for sure. But I’m always one of those girls who does a big old chop just to get it really healthy, to repair all the [damage from] hair coloring and stuff like that. I just got bored, honestly. It’s fun to change it up once in a while.”

Indeed, McMillan posted an Instagram snapshot of himself and Aniston’s bob cut on Nov. 9, with the latter high-fiving the camera. The hairstylist captioned the picture: “LOVE!! #JenniferAniston #bobhaircut #LivingProofInc #Flex #PerfectHairDay.”

As for Aniston’s stud earrings, pics were posted in Westman’s Instagram account, along with the words: “Me and #jenniferaniston got our ears pierced today! #memories @mrchrismcmillan #loveyou.”

Moving On from The Rachel

Aniston has been so identified with her “Friends” character Rachel Green, that her trademark long, honey-colored hair is actually dubbed “The Rachel”. However, she confessed to Allure that it was “the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen”, even though it was copied by young women everywhere and was McMillan’s brainchild.

She even joked in a radio interview with “The Kyle and Jackie O Show” that she’d rather shave her head than have “The Rachel” again for the rest of her life.

Meanwhile, Mirror Online commented that Aniston’s stud earrings were “the well-edgy cartilage type you got when you were about 15, had in for a month, and then realized you couldn’t even do a simple thing like put your hair behind your ear without wincing in pain.”

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1 Carat Diamond vs. 1 Gold Karat vs. 1 Troy Ounce

Every time you buy jewelry, you’ll come across terms like “1 carat diamond”, “1 gold karat” and “1 troy ounce”. Jewelers prominently display these labels on their products, because they’re among the many determinants of a piece of jewelry’s value.

That begs the question: What’s the difference between “carat”, “karat”, and “troy ounce”? Here’s a quick guide to help new jewelry buyers.



Carat measures a diamond’s weight. For example, a 1 carat diamond is roughly 200 mg or 0.007055 oz. Since heavier diamonds are harder to find in nature, they’re also more valuable. If a diamond is at least 100 carats and has a flawless quality, it is known as a paragon.

Take note, however, that two diamonds of the same weight may not necessarily be of the same size. This variation is due to different densities; that is, some diamonds concentrate more weight into a smaller space than others. Also, carat is only one of the four Cs of diamond grading (the other three being clarity, color and cut), so it’s possible for two 1 carat diamonds to be priced differently.

For smaller diamonds, jewelers use points to measure weight instead of carats. One carat is equivalent to 100 points, so a 0.25 carat diamond has 25 points, a 0.05 carat diamond has 5 points, and so on.

Carat is also used to measure the value of pearls, as well as gemstones other than diamonds.


It’s easy to think that 1 karat gold is equivalent to 1 carat diamond. In fact, the words “carat” and “karat” are used interchangeably in some countries. However, here in the U.S., these are two completely different concepts.

While carat measures weight, karat measures purity—specifically, gold purity. If a bracelet is made of 24-karat gold, for instance, it means that the bracelet is made of pure gold or is at least 99% percent gold. Because pure gold is extremely soft, you won’t see too many jewelers selling 24-karat gold items.

Instead, you’re more likely to see pieces made of 18-karat gold (75% gold), 14-karat gold (58.5% gold), and so on. That means these pieces are part-gold, and part-other metals like copper, nickel, palladium, platinum and silver. In the U.S., the minimum karat value for gold jewelry is 10K.

Troy Ounce

Today, troy ounce is most commonly used to measure the weight of precious metals. It is a unit of imperial measure, which means it was first defined in the British Weights and Measures Act of 1824. One troy ounce is equal to 1.09714 avoirdupois ounces. (“Avoirdupois” is simply a fancy term for “conventional weight system”.) Take care not to confuse the two when purchasing gold and silver pieces!

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Unique Engagement Rings

Unique Engagement Rings

Since almost everyone who gets married receives an engagement ring of some sort, it presents both a traditional practice and an opportunity to stand out. You want to choose a ring that you will be honored to wear forever, and it can be fun to choose something a little more unique.

Colored Stones

The clear diamond is by far the most traditional stone for an engagement ring but it also the most common. If you have confidence in your bold sense of style, you might want to choose a different colored diamond for a more unique engagement ring. The gemstones come in a wide variety of colors, and all are beautiful in their own ways. Think of how unique your ring could be if you’re the one person in town who can pull of a black diamond in their engagement ring.

Band Choices

A great way to get a unique wedding ring is to find something vintage, but since diamond rings are usually passed down through the family, it can be a little harder to come across good ones. If you can conduct your search with a bit of a creativity, however, you can find a vintage ring band that can be repurposed and fitted with a brand new diamond of your choice. Then you have something individual with some history in it that still stands out with a bit of your own personality and choice retained in it.

Unique Diamond Cuts and Layouts

Engagement ring styles go through trends just as everything else does, but there are some cuts and shapes that are more popular than others. Try something a little less ordinary, such as a sideways oval shape instead of a teardrop. You may even think about a ring that has an elaborate wave design in the band to house the stone, for example. If you’re open to having multiple stones on the same band, you can even do different or alternating stone cuts and diamonds of different sizes.

Design Your Own

Perhaps the most unique way to end up with a distinctive engagement ring is to design your own ring from top to bottom. There are many ways to be unique and keep your engagement ring design elegant and timeless. Think of your favorite existing stone and band ideas, sketch out some of your own dream creations, and then mix and match to find your dream ring. This is also a great opportunity to inscribe a secret message on the inside of the ring band for only you and your loved one to know. The ring will be around for a very long time, and you want it to feel like an extension of you and your marriage, so it should be comfortable and beautiful.

Occasions For Gifting Fine Jewelry

Occasions For Gifting Fine Jewelry

You might be surprised at how often fine jewelry is an appropriate choice for gift giving. Whether you are looking to gift something in or out of your family and over a variety of occasions, if you have the means to invest in something nice, your gift recipient will never forget you and your thoughtful gesture.

For the New Mom

Bringing a child into the world is many women’s peak moments in life…but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy one. There are huge changes that take place during this transition, and while it’s always an adjustment, it’s also a huge celebration. Remind the new mom that not only is the new baby worth celebrating, but also that she is worth celebrating, and that the beautiful extension and growth of the family unit is worth celebrating. Gifting her a piece of fine jewelry will be a reminder that she can wear for the rest of her life and reflect on this special time.

For the Graduate

A piece of fine jewelry is always appropriate and often traditional for a graduate of high school, and can be used for college graduates and beyond as well. Even if someone finishes an important program outside of general schooling, a little reminder of how far they have come is always a considerate gesture. The idea is for it to be unique and special to serve as a document of the occasion and to celebrate an accomplishment. This kind of thoughtful gift can turn into a regular part of their wardrobe and continue to serve as an inspiration.

For the Milestone

Gifting jewelry for an anniversary is a sweet and traditional choice; it lets your significant other know that they still mean as much to you as they did on day one and that you are not going anywhere. Besides anniversaries, jewelry works just as well as a gift for other type of milestones as well. Sometimes when milestones are hit, there are changes to go through, and a piece of fine jewelry to commemorate it can make the memory a sweet one. An example of a milestone could be when all the kids grow up and leave the house, or even when they’re all grown up enough just to be in elementary school full time.

For the Birthday

You might be used to buying fine jewelry for your significant other on their birthday, but why not think about mom and dad or other extended relatives? Surely there is someone in your life that deserves a special thank you for the time and effort they have given to you, and giving them back something lasting and beautiful is a sweet way to show your gratitude and appreciation for them. Young people love jewelry too— don’t forget about your nieces and nephews. Just make sure to inquire about the current trends they might be into to guarantee a knock out gift.

Everything You Need To Know About Promise Rings

The thought of promise rings certainly rings up some old memories for many people. They may have traditional roots, but we firmly believe that promise rings can still have a place in anyone’s life.

Promise Rings in Tradition

Promise rings are often used amongst people of all ages who may feel too young to get married, but still want to express their commitment to each other. They are also used sometimes for younger people who making a vow to celibacy until marriage. These ways are great but they can also be used as a fun precursor to your real engagement ring with a beauty all its own.

Amongst Couples

In relationships, a promise ring is often given in lieu of (or as a pre-step) to an engagement ring. It does not necessarily mean that an engagement is on the way, but the ring giver is making a profound statement that they’re not going anywhere. The recipient is acknowledging this and agreeing to it. This is common amongst the age groups that are too young to actually get married, but it can be a fun way to show a commitment in adulthood as well.

The Style

When you’re searching for a promise ring, keep in mind that it might not specifically be advertised as one. Really you have every type of ring to choose from. It’s usually going to be more modest than an official engagement ring, so look for small diamonds, or even bands with diamonds on them that look a little more casual and less official than an engagement ring.

How It Is Worn

Of course, how you wear a promise ring is a personal preference decision, but there are some ways that are more traditional than others. A promise ring does not necessarily have to be worn on the engagement ring finger, since it is not an official engagement ring. Sometimes people wear it on the ring finger of their right hand to signify that it’s significant in its own way, and some people put them on their left middle finger so it can be close to their engagement finger. If a promise ring is outgrown or doesn’t match your other ring styles after a period of time, it can be strung onto a necklace and stay just as meaningful with its close presence to the heart.

For Both Men and Women

A promise ring does not have to be exclusive to women. A man might enjoy a promise ring as well, much in the way that he would enjoy wearing his own engagement band on his wedding day. In most cases, it is a more modest ring, so it will be a less expensive purchase as well. Some are bands with jewels on them, but many others are simple thin bands lined with diamonds or even plain silver. Since they come in such basic forms, a man could easily fit the accessory into his day-to-day life and have a constant reminder of his love.
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