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anniversaryrings2As your marriage ages, it’s wonderful to commemorate the love and commitment of your relationship with a beautiful anniversary ring. Today, anniversary rings are a more popular gift than ever to celebrate your successful years of marriage. There are two main ways of wearing anniversary rings: alongside your old wedding and/or engagement rings or instead of the old rings. The style you choose is highly dependent on which way you plan to wear your new ring. Whether you want an upgraded ring or a companion ring, these are some of the most popular styles for anniversary rings.

Micropaved Diamond Band

If you’re looking to wear your anniversary ring at the same time as your original engagement and/or wedding bands, you should look at thin micropaved anniversary rings. These subtly elegant rings feature a thin metal band encrusted with small but glittering diamonds. Eternity rings have diamonds all the way around the entire circumference of the ring. Other diamond bands may have a semicircle of diamonds or are periodically studded with a smaller number of diamonds.

Three Stone with Side Diamonds

One of the most symbolic styles for anniversary rings is a three stone design with a large center diamond and two smaller accent diamonds on the side. This design represents the timelessness and longevity of your relationship, because the center diamond stands for the present of your relationship, while the diamonds on either side represent the past and the future. Dara’s Diamonds has a wide selection of this style of three stone rings, such as this stunning one carat ring featuring three round cut diamonds. Depending on the size of the diamonds chosen, a three stone ring can be worn with your old rings or replace them. For a companion ring, choose very small diamonds on a thin band. For a replacement ring, don’t be afraid to go big. For a variation on this style, consider a classic basket three stone ring with a trio of equally sized diamonds.

Classic Solitaire

If you dreamed of a large classic round brilliant or princess solitaire engagement ring but simply weren’t in a financial position to make it happen when you got married, anniversary rings are the perfect chance to upgrade to the ring you wanted all along. Check out this 2.5 carat round cut solitaire set in your choice of 14k white or yellow gold, 18k white or yellow gold, or platinum. If you purchased your original engagement ring at Dara’s Diamonds, you can even take advantage of our lifetime upgrade policy, which allows you to put the cost of your original ring, less a small restocking fee, towards a new, larger stone.

No matter how many years you’ve been married, anniversary rings are the ideal way to reaffirm your love and commitment to one another. If you’re looking for an anniversary ring, Dara’s Diamonds is your ideal source for high quality diamonds at affordable prices. Shop our full selection of diamond rings to find the anniversary ring that’s perfect for commemorating the success of your relationship.


5caratdiamondringWhile most jewelry enthusiasts can only salivate at the prospect of an expensive 5 carat diamond ring, celebrities have the good fortune of not looking back due to a hefty price tag. A number of popular celebrities have chosen to celebrate their engagement with the kind of 5 carat diamond ring that becomes envied and admired by fans around the world. And while the celebrity marriages and engagements often don’t last, the rings are forever. These are some of the most beautiful five carat rings flaunted by your favorite celebrities.

Jessica Alba

Cash Warren proposed to Jessica Alba with a 5 carat diamond ring valued at $90,000. Alba’s ring features an antique Assher-cut center diamond with pave diamonds on a platinum band. Assher cut diamonds have never been a popular choice for diamond engagement rings, but Alba’s beautiful ring has inspired more couples to give this style a shot.

Katie Holmes

What would become one of the most famous celebrity marriages (and divorces) of all time began with a 5 carat diamond ring from Fred Leighton. Tom Cruise proposed to Holmes with an oval shaped 5 carat diamond that had more than six additional carats of smaller diamonds in the band to accent the center stone. The ring was valued at approximately $275,000.

Katy Perry

Russell Brand initially proposed to Katy Perry with a 5 carat diamond ring from Cartier featuring a pink diamond. Perry, however, wasn’t a fan, and swapped it out for another Cartier ring that was just three carats. If only she’d realized she’d be as unsatisfied with the husband as she was with the engagement ring…


Jersey Shore’s Jenni Farley got engaged to her boyfriend Roger Mathews with a 5 carat diamond ring that he created with help from jewelry designer Layna Friedman and estimated to be worth around $100,000. The reality star’s stunning rock features a 5 carat cushion cut pink diamond surrounded by more than 2.5 carats of additional accent diamonds. The accent diamonds are both white and pink, featuring a brilliant cut.

Eva Longoria

When NBA star Tony Parker proposed to Eva Longoria, he chose a 5 carat diamond ring featuring emerald cut diamond from French jewelry designer Jean Doucette and included a personal interior engraving in Parker’s handwriting. The ring was set in a classic tiffany prong design for a look that proved to be far more timeless than Longoria and Parker’s marriage, as the couple divorced a few years later when Longoria found evidence that Parker was cheating.

A 5 carat diamond ring may be out of reach for the average couple, but you can still rock some serious style with a diamond engagement ring from Dara’s Diamonds. With a variety of styles and diamond sizes, ranging from .10 carats to 2.75 carats, these rings provide celebrity style at an affordable scale. Plus, it’s clear that 5 carat diamond rings don’t equal long-lasting marriages. Shop Dara’s Diamonds for the perfect fabulous engagement ring today.


3 stone diamond engagement ringSometimes referred to as a trilogy or trinity setting, a three-stone diamond engagement ring symbolizes the essence of a relationship; the past, present and future. Trilogy exemplifies a body of three and for many the word Trinity embodies a union of three persons or the state of being three-fold.

Three stone diamond engagement rings are not a modern phenomenon. This decadent setting dates back to the 1800′s during a time of romanticism, when the Victorian Era of jewelry was in full swing. This era was named after Queen Victoria. As ruler of England she was extremely well-regarded and even considered a trendsetter of the times.

Having fallen madly in love with Prince Albert from Germany, the two were engaged and Queen Victoria was presented with a ring that consisted of her birthstone: a brilliant green emerald and two serpents intertwined. Birthstones were highly popular during the Victorian Era, while serpents were a symbol of protection and eternity. Diamond engagement rings became highly sought after upon discovery in South Africa in the late Victorian period.

The symbolic significance of three-stone diamond engagement rings has also come to represent harmony and unity as wells as the marriage of mind, body, and

spirit. Diamonds are beautiful, strong, and durable – perfectly representing the tradition of a lasting union. When encased in a gold or silver ring, it becomes a reminder that love has no beginning or ending.

A three stone diamond engagement ring holds special significance and is a popular choice because of its timelessness. This ring can be worn not only as an engagement ring, but also as a symbolic reminder of love for an anniversary or as an expression of eternal sentiments for your lover.

The three stone ring features a center diamond enhanced by two matching smaller diamonds. Some opt for a colored stone to offset the brilliance of the diamond. A deep blue sapphire or a stunning green emerald offer a twinge of hue creating a one-of- kind look that encapsulates your relationship. Other designs and settings are available include a sparking center diamond flanked on both sides by the shimmer of a diamond baguette.
Ranging from classic to contemporary, as a gesture of symbolism, the-three stone diamond engagement ring can be custom designed to include your gemstone of choice, creating pieces that are brilliantly and uniquely your own.

Whatever you choose, the three stone diamond engagement ring is the ultimate representation of your commitment to love, happiness, and longevity.

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