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Located in Los Angeles, CA, Dara’s Diamonds has been dedicated to exceeding the needs and expectations of our loyal customers and clientele since 1994. 

As a family owned and operated business, Dara’s Diamonds was built from the ground up cultivated by a fondness for and commitment to designing and creating the finest luxury jewelry items on the market. More than a decade later, the principles of hard work, honesty and integrity that drove us then have not changed. In fact, our dedication to our customers is matched only by the unparalleled brilliance of our collection.

Striving for Excellence and Authenticity


The standards of excellence and authenticity which optimize Dara’s Diamonds are evident in the quality of our collection. Every item we offer is fashioned and handcrafted exclusively by our highly skilled designers. We utilize the latest in cutting edge technology to shape and microscopically inspect each piece. Our quality control methods and practices are beyond reproach with special emphasis on authenticity, cut, clarity, color and carat. We have so much faith in our merchandise that we offer an independent third-party appraisal certificate for each item purchased.


It is an unwavering faith in our collection and our customers that sets Dara’s Diamonds apart from the competition. Unlike other shop owners who deem it necessary to coax and pressure shoppers into their establishments, we choose to trust in our astute, refined and loyal clientele who believe the beauty, originality and quality of our merchandise speaks for itself.

Whether it is for an engagement, anniversary, or other equally important event, we invite you to discover for yourself the unmistakable excellence and authenticity that sets Dara’s Diamonds a cut above the rest.

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